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evolution of a fangirl

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AS OF 2017-04-04 THIS IS OFFICIALLY AN ARCHIVAL ACCOUNT. Please add me on Twitter or Dreamwidth if you want to keep in touch or connect. Thank you for all the good times, LJ. RIP.

tv addict
My main fandoms are Avengers (Steve/Tony with a dash of all the other pairings, ever), Merlin (Arthur/Merlin, Bradley/Colin), some Teen Wolf (Scott/Isaac, anyone?), Sherlock (John/Sherlock) and Supernatural (it's complicated). I'm an OTPer at heart but I'm neither hardcore nor tinhatty about it and find myself multishipping more and more as of late. OT3s welcome, throw in a forth what the heck. In short: I'm pretty easy-going, come on in. :)

I also enjoy Haven, Doctor Who, Fringe, Community, Suits, Psych, Eureka, Game of Thrones, Sirens (UK), Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, Happy Endings, Being Human (UK), Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Castle. Past fandoms include Due South, Stargate Atlantis. RIP Farscape, Firefly, Human Target, The Middleman, Better Off Ted, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Friday Night Lights.
about me
» I am both a slasher and a RPSer. Before you friend me, please make sure that you understand what this means and that it doesn't bother you.

» What you'll find in this journal is a more or less even mix of fannish chatter (episode reactions, recs, links of interest, squee, picspam and so on) and RL chatter (life, family, pets). I aim to keep entries bouncy and squeeful but miss by a mile sometimes.

» Most fannish entries are public, some are locked, RL related entries are generally locked, and all entries up to 2007 are private. I private entries compulsively! Please don't worry should you find yourself checking back on an entry and you don't have access anymore.

» While I consider LiveJournal my home on the internet, you can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr. You're welcome to add me there too if you like.
disclaimers and such
» I am above the age of consent in my country. Porn me! :D

» You're welcome to add me to your reading list any time. Same goes for removing me from your reading list, of course.

» I do this a lot. Yeah. Sorry?
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