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17 February 2012 @ 06:27 pm
Thanks for the hearts, you guys! Unfortunately I missed the window to send some myself, so this one's for you. ♥

I did a thing! Two things, really. The Archive of Our Own has RSS feeds for each fandom now. I like to get the updates on my friends page so I created ao3merlinrpf and ao3bbcsherlock, and I see somebody else created ao3_merlin_feed, yay! They update in bursts, and sometimes they fail to update (LJ's fault), but overall they're pretty handy.

Seeing as Merlin and Sherlock are both pretty active fandoms the feeds are kind of high-traffic and your friends page might get a bit cluttered at times. There's an easy solution to that, though: filtering! Add ?show=P,C to your friends page URL and you only see posts made my users (P) and to communities (C). To see only your feeds add ?show=Y. Ta-da! I added the links to my sidebar, easy peasy.

I wish the AO3 offered pairing feeds, and hopefully they will at some point. Until then, if you're on Twitter and want to be notified whenever someone uploads a new John/Sherlock fic to the AO3, follow @ao3johnsherlock. It checks for updates every fifteen minutes and tweets the title, author and link of new works. \o/

Would anyone be interested in a Twitter account like that for Merlin/Arthur? I haven't made one yet because a) I've run out of email addresses (Twitter only allows one account per address, boo) and b) ugh, lazy. But if anyone else is interested let me know! I could use the incentive.

eta; I almost forgot! lil_lollypop36 has a shop at Redbubble now and the first two chibis she put up are Bradley/Colin chibis. I... don't think I have the self control to resist buying this on a shirt. Gaaah!
12 February 2012 @ 08:13 pm
Okay, so the weekly recs schedule is a bust. But I haven't forgotten about it!



When Morning Comes (@AO3) by starlingthefool (Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur, 9k)
Summary: If life were fair, anyone who managed to survive the apocalypse would be given a fuzzy blanket, some tea, and a nice bed to hide under and weep. Life is not fair, obviously, and there's no actual end to the end of the world. Instead, there's grief and pain and mud and death, there are minor miracles, and there's the love that gets you out of bed in the morning, despite everything. Life goes on.
Comments: Never fear, this was written for the Happy Endings Fest. ;) This fic is angsty as hell, but so well done. Loved it!

Like It's 1999 at kinkme_merlin (Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur, 12k)
Summary Being fuckbuddies goes well for an entire semester.
Comments Merlin, being stupid about his ~feelings, suggests a bet: whoever fucks the most people in a week wins. I'm particularly fond of the Merlin/Elena/Arthur threesome, nom.

Power of Blood (@AO3) by chicago_ruth (Canon AU, Merlin/Arthur, 3k)
Summary The druids and Camelot are at war, and Merlin discovers that Arthur's blood carries a secret.
Comments Non-con, slavery, mind control, and yes, Merlin does all those things to Arthur. Very dark and twisted, very well done. The ending wasn't as dark as I'd expected it to be, but it's nowhere near a happy one, obviously. Make sure to have some fluff on hand, you may need it afterwards.

Brolin in the Theater (@AO3) by slantedknitting (RPF, Bradey/Colin, 2k)
Summary Bradley takes Colin on a date, but Colin doesn't know.
Comments Bradley tries really hard, Colin is completely clueless, but it works out in the end. Cute and fluffy. (No skipping this just because it has brolin in the title! I'm looking at you.)

Thicker Than Water (@AO3) by fuzzytomato02 (Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur, 8k)
Summary Every year, the youngest Holmes, Merlin, invites his two older brothers to his holiday party. Every year, neither Sherlock nor Mycroft show up. This year, John finds Sherlock’s invite and needles Sherlock into going to see his (until then unknown) baby brother.
Comments Perfect Merlin/Sherlock fusion. Merlin as Sherlock's younger brother makes so much sense I can't even. This fic fills me with such glee, and it just so happens to be a great segue into the next part of this recs posts...


So, The Reichenbach Fall happened and I got a bit obsessed with Sherlock. /o\ No, no, it's fine! It's all fine. This is just a phase, I'm just uh, catching up. How prolific can a fandom be when there's only three episodes every year or so, right? Wrong. Oh god, so much fic. So much fic. And the art, the art, you guys. There's so much humor in it, comics and everything. I reach my daily giggles quota just from looking at Sherlock fandom on Tumblr these days. (Oh, the shame.)

Unfortunately the day is drawing to a close and I have um, a surprising amount of Sherlock fic in my rec queue already which would take forever to put together. So I'll leave you with a few vid recs and post the fic recs in a separate entry. Tomorrow, hopefully. Maybe. I'll try!


Arrival of the Birds @ YouTube
Comments John & Sherlock. My brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart? Beautiful, beautiful vid. I'm in love with the quiet black-and-white moments.

Will you do this for me? @ YouTube
Comments John & Sherlock. This vid gives me all the feelings. The reach for the tissues with a trembling hand kind, mostly. Oh, my heart. Oh, this show.

Runs in the Family @ Vimeo
Comments Ensemble. I must have watched this a dozen times. The song gripped me immediately, and it's just a nicely edited vid.

Remember the Stronger @ YouTube
Comments Sherlock centric. This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name. Indeed. *g* I love this for the eee, Sherlock! glee it gives me.
08 January 2012 @ 06:19 pm
In an attempt to catch up with merlin_holidays before learning who wrote what, I have been reading fic nearly non-stop today. It helps that I'm hopeless at identifying writing styles, but all this one-eyed squinting at my f-list is giving me a headache. ;) I'm almost done with week three now, though, hooray!

Anyway, first on-schedule link-y post thing of stuff I enjoyed in the past seven days! (I kind of love that this is making me read more fic already. Just the motivation I needed! I hope it keeps.)


YouTube: Somebody That I Used to Know by Walk off the Earth (Gotye cover)
I first watched this around 30 hours ago when it "only" had 38.000 hits. YT tells me it's at nearly 2.6 million hits now, which would be baffling if I didn't think the band, and that cover/video in particular, deserved every one of those hits. Five people playing the song on one guitar, a wonderful range of voices, and probably my favorite version of the song yet.

Merlin: vids

500 Miles by suchaprince (Merlin/Arthur)
A vid that made me flail and nod and this is why I ship it, basically. Lovely!

Merlin: fic

Call It Love by saramir (RPF, Bradley/Colin, 29k)
As filming wraps up for the final series, Bradley tries to sort out where his friendship with Colin stands and where it could progress. Pining, nostalgia, texting, and the banter of weirdos in love ensues.
RPF hasn't been getting much love in this fandom lately, so when this appeared on my f-list I pretty much put life on hold and read it right then and there. I wasn't disappointed. ♥

On to merlin_holidays!

The Spirit of Christmas (AU, Merlin/Arthur, 22.5k)
This is the story about how Arthur the Elf got his groove back.
Arthur. The. Elf. This was pure crack from start to finish. I loved the originality of it.

Wassail (Canon, Merlin/Arthur, 1.8k)
Merlin and Arthur go wassailing on a Yule night.
Lots of small tender aww moments in this one. Feel-good schmoop.

Stage of the Ice, the Solid Ocean (Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur, 9k)
When Police Sergeant Lance Dulac begins to investigate a crime in the small Welsh village of Camelot, it stirs up decades of secrets.
I loved the small town murder mystery vibe of this story.

The Yule Quest (Canon, Merlin/Arthur, 4k)
In the early days of his reign, Arthur is overworked, overtired, and quietly miserable. Merlin decides to bring a little Yuletide cheer into his life. Naturally, a quest is in order.
This story put a happy smile on my face. I love pieces like this, completely focused on Merlin and Arthur and how fond they are of each other. Plus, Yule theme! With snow! And a tree! ♥

Two Hatches and a Match (Canon, Merlin/Arthur, 12k)
"Just as the dragonlord calls a dragon from its egg, so too may the egg call forth a dragonlord."
I cackled all the way through this one. For some reason I went into it expecting Merlin to end up pregnant, imagine my delight when it turned out to be Arthur. There's just something about a pregnant Arthur Pendragon that fills me with glee.

Borderlands (Canon AU, Merlin/Arthur, 11k)
When Arthur is separated from his knights by a mysterious fog on the Mercian border, he finds himself trapped in a place that seems to balance between dream and reality. To regain his freedom he must put his trust in one of Lord Bayard's closest men - a man who calls himself Merlin.
One of my absolute favorites so far. I wouldn't know where to start listing what I liked, it was such a wholly enjoyable read. Really liked the AU here.

Let me be your canvas (Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur, 11.6k)
Merlin wants a tattoo. And maybe the tattoo artist as well.
I never found tattoos particularly sexy, but this story showed me the error of my ways, hum.

I Got You (Modern AU, Arthur/Merlin, 5k)
Merlin was the one that Arthur would never drop, because he had always been there to catch Arthur in return.
Arthur bullies Merlin into being friends with him, as you do. Hee.

Ah, accomplishment! Now I'm off to leave feedback on all of the above, and then there's weeks four and five in need of epubfying. (Yeah, I made that word up.) And then, if there's still time left, I must read moar.
05 January 2012 @ 11:36 am
My fannish New Year's resolution is to post more, but that's what it was last year too and hahaha, fail. So! Trying a new approach: one thing I'm going to post, at the very least, are weekly lists of things I enjoyed that past week. If you squint you could even call them rec lists! Ooh. ;)

To start off I shall stray from the path (yes, already, I'm such a rebel) and list the merlin_holidays stories I enjoyed the most. Only from the first week, alas, because I haven't managed to catch up with the rest yet. :/

My very favorite story from week one:

The Very Important Quest (Merlin/Arthur, 25k)
On a Very Important Quest, Arthur and Merlin share clothes, beds, bathwater and secrets.

And then there's:

The Hunt (Arthur/Merlin, 12k)
"Those Pendragons, they're a different sort. Beastly, but clever. It's said they're drawn to magic--to power--and that's how they find their... mate."

No Need for Mistletoe (Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Elena, 12k)
It's three days before Christmas. Merlin, surgeon at Camelot Hospital, is about to have his first date with Arthur, solicitor for Albion Healthcare. What could go wrong?

Stranded (Arthur/Merlin, background Arthur/Gwen, 5k)
When Merlin and Arthur find themselves in a tight spot, they get help from an unexpected source.
19 October 2011 @ 09:03 pm
Hold on to your pigtails everyone, the HQs have landed! Click if you dare (actually, right-click save as might be better due to size). I take no responsibility for any heart attacks that may occur. ;)

I'll add the remaining three WC HQs to this post tomorrow on account of stuff and things. *coff* It's been a dreadful week for many of you. This isn't much, but I hope it cheers you up a little.
15 October 2011 @ 02:22 pm
When bryonyashley pointed out that these exist I poked around some and was able to get my hands on the LQ versions. Here's hoping someone hooks us up with the HQs eventually! How so fine, Colin Morgan?

Please to be wearing that jacket for all eternity, kthx.
03 October 2011 @ 02:41 pm
Merlin is baaack! Did have some minor issues with the season opener but honestly, they aren't even worth mentioning. Overall I enjoyed it very much—so much that I committed a capcrime. Capping is basically the bane of my existence. I used to do it a lot and it drove me absolutely mental, but... Bradley's faaace! Colin's smiiile! I was powerless to resist.

Merlin 4.01: 41 HD (1280x720px) caps.Collapse )

PS: You know what else is back? Supernatural! And I don't just mean back on TV, I mean it's back back. Yeah, I actually can't wait to see the next episode. Haven't felt like that in a good long while and I couldn't be happier about it.
13 August 2011 @ 12:13 pm
Hahaha, so. Bradley wrote someone a message on a piece of paper. The person uploaded it to the internets, Google dropped me an alert, and here it is. (I have such a hard-on for Bradley's pretty handwriting, btw.)

Nice of Bradley, yeah? Yeah. But the really interesting part is that Bradley wrote the message on the back of a page from a season four script. And as you can imagine, I couldn't resist. I tried! But like, SEASON FOUR SCRIPT PAGE, HELLO.

So I flipped it, played around with it in Photoshop, and.... here you go. I transcribed what I could make out, but I also included the altered image in case someone else can make out more.


Yeah okay, so I couldn't make out much. Let me know if you have anything to add.

But er, since Arthur doesn't appear to be in the scene that hasn't been crossed out, does that mean it's a page from Colin or Rupert's script? Hmm.
08 August 2011 @ 01:54 pm
Warm Comfort

Pairing: Bradley/Colin (Merlin RPF)
Rating: PG
Word count: 539
Genre: h/c, fluff
Beta: nu_breed
Off-LJ: AO3
Disclaimer: The characters herein are based on real people (actors), but the events are entirely fictitious. No libel intended. For entertainment purposes only.

Summary: Colin returns home to a sick Bradley after attending the event at Warwick Castle.

Bradley wakes to a distant rattling of keys and his hair flattened to his forehead in a sweaty mess.Collapse )
28 July 2011 @ 02:36 pm
Let's see if I can get this entry-by-email to go through despite the icky DDoS attack LJ is currently suffering.

marguerite_26 and hermette's B/C Tin Hat Fest has moved to Dreamwidth because that site actually works at the moment. ;)

Email me at moonilicious@gmail.com if you want a DW invite to play! (I know some of you are tired of being offered DW invites butbutbut B/C fest. Come onnn, totally worth it, y/y? You can forget all about your DW account after!)

I'm thrilled to report that hermette is filling my prompt here. It's a WIP and I'm already in love.

IN OTHER NEWS. giselleslash reported on Twitter that her friend interviewed Eoin and apparently he and Bradley will be moving in together. YOU GUYS. I'm having Joe/Jason and Jared/Jensen flashbacks. ROOMMATE SHENANIGANS FTW.

Ugh, so much awesomeness these past few days. Worst timing for LJ to be down ever.
03 June 2011 @ 08:07 pm
I'm sure you've all seen this picture by now, which was the most perfect Bradley/Colin But Not Really picture in all the land. Up until this morning that is, when someone (fuuu--I don't remember who) posted this.

*stares forever* I mean. Just. Do you see? Do you seeeee? *flaily hands*

Oh, oh, and someone linked me to these fan-made opening credits for Merlin which are hearts-in-my-eyes brilliant. Heck, BBC-please-take-note brilliant. I LOVE FANDOM.
29 May 2011 @ 12:31 pm

Very unimpressed with that whole hiatus business. After next week's cliffhanger of all things! Such cruel and unusual punishment for enjoying both of your shows, Moffat. The next Sherlock episodes better be extra awesome.
08 April 2011 @ 02:53 pm
LJ lives, huzzah! In case you haven't heard, an article: Why Have Hackers Hit Russia's Most Popular Blogging Service? In short, LJ "has emerged as [Russia's] last truly free and public space for political debate" and "[the hackers] seem to be trying to divert and restrict the political discussion to media the government can more readily control." It's an attack on free-speech, basically, and the downtimes haven't been LiveJournal's fault it any way.

That said, I'm still offering up my 15 11 invites to Dreamwidth. I want to stretch, though, that I'm not pimping Dreamwidth as an alternative to LJ, I'm pimping it as a back-up. Dreamwidth has a free feature that allows users to import their whole journal: profile info incl. interests, userpics, entries and comments. There's no saying how far these hackers are willing to go and it would be a tragedy if we lost any fanworks or personal memories. (Note: a lot of people are importing their stuff to Dreamwidth right now so the import queue is long and that adds to the load LJ is dealing with. Wait a few days if you can.)

And because my heart breaks a little whenever someone locks or deletes their fic and the thought of LJ going down/losing data and taking all the fic with it has me reaching for a paperbag, I have requested and received 5 2 invites to the Archive of Our Own (AO3). It's not perfect but build to be around for a long while, and they have recently added subscriptions which means email alerts when someone updates or uploads something new and that's kind of awesome. I'm going to give priority to authors who're interested in uploading their fic there but in case I can't find five of them, raise your hands too if you're interested, readers.

Leave a comment if you're interested in an invite to either place. If you're interested in the Ao3 let me know if you fall into the writer or reader category (with regard on how you plan on using the account, not generally).
19 March 2011 @ 12:58 pm
If I were to try and textually render my love for Bradley, it would probably look something like asjkgasjkgfsdh and ♥♥♥ ad infinitum. You see why, right?


Via Gea.
09 March 2011 @ 12:18 pm
I'll hide the picture away to spare those of you who prefer not to see girlfriends draped over celeb crushes butbutbut I must post this because, well, it's BRADLEY.Collapse )

I can't even tell you how much I missed that man's FAAACE. So good to see that no small animals have died on it recently, too, ahem.

Another thing that makes me flail is this B/C manip by pictureanon @ tumblr.

I need a picture like that to happen in real life. NEED. LIKE AIR.
01 March 2011 @ 02:10 pm
What's this I hear, Colin Morgan may have acquired a beefy looking bodyguard to go with his creepy male stalker? Jeebus. He and Bradley are probably exchanging war stories as we speak.

Bradley: Hey Col, remember that time I had to hide in my hotel room from a fangirl until Anthony came and rescued me?
Colin: Stalker, Bradley. Actual, truxfax stalker. With a cock.
Bradley: Shit. *pours whiskey*
Colin: Hey Bradley, remember that time you slipped and fell on my mouth and we accidentally made out for an hour?
Bradley: No.
Colin: Right then, more whiskey, please.

Jensen Ackles: Bitch, please. Let me tell you about the time some chick showed up to a signing in a wedding dress. And the time a screeching fangirl flung herself at me at a con. And the time--
Bradley: ...fuck acting, let's run away to Scotland and herd sheep.
Colin: You drive.


eta; And then Nick ended me by writing Jensen/Bradley/Colin comment fic. *flail*
21 February 2011 @ 12:53 pm
Either my search fu is seriously lacking today or no one has iconed the promo pics of Colin's play. *forlorn* I'm coveting an icon of this one in particular. Should you happen to have spotted icons of it anywhere, I would appreciate a link verrrry much.
18 February 2011 @ 01:55 pm
» Colin Morgan rocked my world yesterday.

» I'm failing the current Get Shit Done round at gsd_rtfn so hard it's embarrassing. Why I signed up during the week of mom & dad's 30th wedding anniversary, both their birthdays, the resulting party, and an eye doctor appointment that would leave me unable to see for an entire day I will never know.

» It has come to my attention that a lot of people don't read LJ News. Allow me update you on a recent development: we have Games now. You're welcome. ;)

» I updated the B/C Prompt Fest masterlist with links to giselleslash's completed fill and riverglow_bc's WIP.
14 February 2011 @ 11:10 am
Supernatural con in LA last weekend! I've been flailing over pictures but couldn't keep up with reports and then, ZAP2IT TO THE RESCUE. (Their SPN coverage in general is a life saver, seriously.) Overheard at the Convention lists the most notable con quotes and oh god, I'm dying. It was difficult to pick a favorite because it's all gold, basically, but then I remembered my J2 love so, page 16 it is.

Fan: "Jensen, what's the best part of being a fan of the show you're on?"
Jared: "He knows the stars."
Jensen: "I get to sleep with one!"
Jared: "He means because he is one."

Nice save, Mr. Padalecki. ;)
12 February 2011 @ 02:38 pm
» Thanks for pimping the Bradley/Colin Prompt Fest LIKE A BOSS, everyone! I added a master list of prompts and fills yesterday and just updated it. So many brilliant fills alreadyyy. \o/ I also added a note for artists that is worth repeating: there's no need to feel shy. Even if a prompt doesn't ask for art specifically, if it inspires you, go for it! Perhaps your fill will inspire a writer in turn. Ooh, or you could illustrate a fill; leave art as a prompt, even! So many possibilities. \o/

» The Human Target finale was badass. I have so much love for every single character on that show and the writing and the stunts, I can't even. Guerrero is so my favorite, in that 'he kind of scares me, I'm not physically attracted to him, but I need him in my pants right the hell now' way. Guerrero, king of BAMFs, y/y? (For the record, if FOX cancels this show, I will cry an entire OCEAN of tears.)

» Colin's play, Our Private Life, opened yesterday! myfoolisheart posted some super cute pictures of Colin to her Tumblr (#1, #2, #3, #4) and there's a brief report here.
10 February 2011 @ 05:37 pm

Graphic by hermette who saved you all from my own fugly efforts.

# Leave a prompt (one prompt per comment).

# Fill a prompt (logged in or anon, fic or art).

# Rejoice in the B/C love!

Pimp? Copy/paste/post!

Multiple fills are love!

Artists, there's no need to feel shy. Even if a prompt doesn't ask for art specifically, if it inspires you, go for it! Perhaps your fill will inspire a writer in turn. Ooh, or you could illustrate a fill; leave art as a prompt, even! So many possibilities. \o/

master list of awesomeCollapse )

06 February 2011 @ 07:58 pm
» One of my fave kinkme_merlin WIPs has just been completed. \o/

A New Low, Arthur/Merlin. I suck at summaries but basically, Merlin is diabetic and gets stuck in a lift. Arthur, who is stuck in the elevator with Merlin, ends up saving his life and then sort of keeps hovering around Merlin to make sure he doesn't almost die again. Merlin isn't amused; at first, anyway. ADORABLE FLUFF FTW.

» Vid rec: Undisclosed Desires by elen_ancalima, Arthur/Merlin. Oh, boys. <3

» Supernatural is back!Collapse )

» Thanks to the most recent Write All The Words challenge I now know that there are two (!) long (!!) Bradley/Colin (!!!) fics in the works; nay, almost finished. I am not ashamed to admit that this makes my world a better place.
01 February 2011 @ 12:49 pm
» Delicious refuses to let me add bookmarks (I need to bookmark Lola's most recent KMM reveal--eee!--before I forget, le huff) and GMail seems to be down (DFEOJM.com agrees but a friend in Australia can access GMail just fine, hrm).

» Signed up for cheerleading at paperlegends. Exciting!

» I miss Supernatural and don't know why I feel so removed from everything. I'm glad the show comes back this Friday. Well, probably. *eyes CW*

» Slowly recovering from death flu. I told you the universe is out to get me! I'm never announcing my return ever again, that's just asking for trouble, apparently.

» I just started a sentence with, "I don't want to jinx it but"--and then hit the delete key so hard I almost broke it. See, I learn!

» Last week sometime I stalked Ella's journal and clicked lots of 'add friend' buttons! I may have done so in a feverish haze but I meant every click, I promise. A belated hello to you, new friends!
18 January 2011 @ 02:01 pm
» I started working on this year's merlinbb_rpf and oh, that feels good. Next up: merlin_archives. RL has been a right bitch for months and every time I wanted to get back into it something else happened and I was seriously losing my mind, I felt so guilty. NO MORE. I'm tackling this and if it kills me. >:|

» Please tell me you love Human Target as much as I do. The show is pure, testosterone filled goodness. The writing is solid, the characters snarky and likable (amazingly I count Guerrero among them; tiny, scary but likable) and very sexy action/fight scenes. When they introduced the girls this season I was a bit skeptical but OMGILSA♥. So um, that worked out nicely. AAH LOVELOVELOVE.

» And now I must stop F5ing kinkme_merlin and start coding the newsletter. *...F5!* I MEAN. *codes!*
09 January 2011 @ 09:00 pm
» Bah, so far 2011 doesn't look much different from 2010 as far as RL suckage goes. I should probably unload my woes on y'all at some point, get this off my chest and preserve my sanity. Don't have the energy for it right now, though.

» Anyway! Other stuff on my mind.

# JamesVanDerMemes by Mr. Van Der Beek himself. (Scroll down past the FunnyOrDie stuff for the memes!) I never really got the craze but I have officially seen the light. In between giggles. Oh my god. I think the 10 Year Anniversary Crying Edition is my favorite. I'm helpless in the face of a man who can make fun of himself!

# sherlockiangirl pasted Merlin's head on surprised!kitten and the gif has been a source of endless entertainment to me ever since.

# This M/A art by notfairytales. Arthur carries a hurt Merlin. ;_; I now want to read about the c part of this h/c piece, lalala so predictable, shh.

# This B/C fic: Penance by wholly_crepe (posted locked at bradleycolin). In which Colin is Catholic, Bradley is Bradley, and Colin doesn't quite know how to deal. 6,012 words of perfection.