Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Fic: Fraternizing at Noon -- Paul/Jake/Heath -- RPS -- NC-17

Author: Moonie
Pairing: Paul Bettany/Jake Gyllenhaal/Heath Ledger
Rating: NC-17
Notes: My thanks to mistresstoast for holding my hand, beta and the title! <3

Fraternizing at Noon
by Moonie

Jake had no recollection of how he'd ended up naked in Paul's bed, or why Heath's mouth was occupied with sucking his cock. After all, he could've sworn Heath was straight, could have sworn that he himself was straight, until...Paul. Paul, who was whispering sweet nothings into his ear, voice heavy with lust and that British accent of his, a solid weight against Jake's back.

"So beautiful. So fucking beautiful." Paul sounded amazed, truly amazed, but Jake couldn't look, couldn't open his eyes, no matter how often Paul asked, pleaded with him. "Open your eyes, Jake. Look. Look at those lips around your cock. My God." Then Paul would fall silent, warm breath brushing Jake's cheek like a lover's caress, his hard cock pressing into the small of Jake's back.

But Jake couldn't look, knew it'd be over if he did, over too soon and he needed more, wanted more, needed it to last until that perfect moment.

He felt Paul shift behind him, felt a hand on his hip followed by something pushing between his ass cheeks. Oh, Jake had time to think before Paul pushed further, and Jake winced at the intrusion. There was a sharp pain and he squeezed his eyes shut tightly, a hand coming up on its own violation, gripping hard onto Paul's hand on his hip.

Paul paused, and suddenly the hotwet mouth was gone from Jake's cock. Jake whimpered, but then someone was kissing him -- Heath -- swallowing his whimpers, drawing soothing circles on his chest with gentle hands. Jake sighed into the kiss, shifting his upper body forward, closer to Heath, and his ass backwards into Paul, who sucked in a hissing breath.

Then the voice was back, right in Jake's ear, warm and reassuring, heavy with want. "Going to make you feel so good, so good. You trust me, don't you? Trust me to make you feel good..."

And all Jake could do was nod, drawing a smile from Heath that he felt but couldn’t see, and then Paul’s cock was back. There was pain again, but also Heath's hand on his cock and Jake gradually relaxed, released a breath when Paul was all the way in, filling him completely.

“So fucking tight," Paul murmured behind him and thrust, pushing Jake forward into Heath's hand. With every thrust some of the pain went away, was replaced by pleasure that left Jake sobbing and mewling, and when he felt Heath’s cock nudge against his lips he swallowed it hungrily.

Paul was panting, thrusting hard and fast, and there was a hand on the back of Jake's head, driving Heath's cock deeper into his mouth. Jake choked once, but he'd always been a quick study; he soon learned to stop himself from choking while giving Heath what he wanted.

His mouth and ass full, it still wasn't enough; Jake's cock was crying for attention, but when he reached for it, Paul growled and batted his hand away, closing his own around Jake's cock instead.

Jake purred around Heath's cock in answer, making him moan, and oh yes, that was it, that perfect moment he'd been waiting for. Almost there, almost there... Paul's voice echoed Jake's thoughts, but Jake hardly noticed, was too far gone to hear, consumed by the most intense pleasure he'd ever felt. And then his world went white, and Heath's cock was gone from his mouth, leaving a bitter saltiness behind. It wasn’t long after that Jake sobbed his orgasm as he spilled all over Paul's hand.

He lost track of time, made a sound of discomfort when Paul pulled his limp cock from Jake's body. Jake rolled onto his back and finally opened his eyes, watched as the ceiling slowly shifted back into focus.

"Well. That was fun, wasn't it?"

Heath laughed. Jake hit Paul with a pillow.


Tags: fandom, fandom: fic (mine)
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