June 24th, 2012

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» I promised my RPF Big Bangers that I would find cheerleaders for eeeveryone but one of them is still without. Anyone have some time on their hands to support a fledgling Bradley/Colin writer? The post is here. I would be eternally grateful.

» Weekends. I wake up with so much energy and stuff swirling about in my head. I could clean! I could put together some recs! I could write a guide on how to make email notifications of AO3 uploads and Pinboard bookmarks happen! And how to have them file into sub-inboxes so they don't clutter up your GMail! (Btw, would anyone be interested in that, or is that old news?) YEAH. ...and then I have breakfast and catch up on TV (or ahem, All the Chris Evans Movies) and make lunch and read some fic and... oh, day over. CUE FEELINGS OF FAILURE AND DOOM. :/

» Chris Evans. Can we talk about Chris Evans? I like how clothes have a tendency not to stay on him.

[Yup. (NSFW)]

Three of his movies that I can heartily recommend: Push, The Losers, and What's Your Number. I'm a little bit in love with all three. Push and The Losers are action movies. (I just watched the latter for the first time and oh man, so good.) What's Your Number is a romantic comedy and Chris is unbearably cute in it with or without clothes on.

And don't get me started on the photoshoots. I guess he used to model? I'm uh, trying not to encourage this awful crush by watching too many interviews. GAAAH. Be cool, self, be cool.

» Dan, a YouTuber, uploaded this wonderful video titled I Will Go Down With This Ship which discusses fandom and shipping. It's accurate and hilarious and, I mean, he's pretty awesome. A teaser on Tumblr in the form of gifs.

I'm going to end this weekend by embracing the suck and reading more Avengers fic. Or maybe rotrude's Viking's Slave which has been calling my name since it was posted. Decisions, decisions.