January 7th, 2011

Moonie - heart

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» I choose to ignore that 2011 is already seven days old and that I haven't posted a single entry since it began. My new year's resolution to be more active totally still stands, lalala! (In my defense, RL is acting up again, rawr, but I can do this, I can!)

» The merlin_holidays reveal happens today! So excited to finally find out who wrote my faves, which are, drum-roll:

Driving Lessons! A winter-y feel-good fic with just the right mix of humor and UST that gave me the best warm n' cuddly feelings. Love!

Picture Maker! When I started this story I kept twitching and hovering over the back button, it was just so different and gritty and unexpected. But the writing captivated me, I couldn't stop reading, and I'm very glad that I stuck with it. This story will definitely stay with me for a while.

Of Cabbages and Kings! Arthur as Alice in Wonderland = <3. Magical adventures are a fave of mine and this one was fun. I now want a Buttercup of my very own.

True Love's Curse! A wonderful M/A-y take on Sleeping Beauty. I am such a sap. But there's angst, too! Yum.