September 15th, 2010

Moonie - heart

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» OH HAI. *clings* I haven't been present as much recently, for personal reasons. (Will explain in another entry of the f-locked variety.) Unfortunately the situation is ongoing and open-ended. Please bear with me?

» On that note, urks, I don't think I'll ever manage to catch up all the BFI and PF reports & pictures. *sadface* I haven't given up on the Big Bangs yet, though! *grabby hands*

» I have two AO3 invites. Anyone still need one? Gone!

» Okay, none of this will be news to anyone but these are my Fandom Favorites of the past week or two, in no particular order.

# Bradley James was asked, "What do you think is stronger, Arthur's romance with Gwen or his bromance with Merlin?" And, without giving it a second thought, he answered, "Bromance with Merlin. It's there for everyone to see. He's been around for dinner at Gwen's, he spends all his time with Merlin. No contest," while Colin huffed a laugh off-screen. (Interview clip at YT.) OH MY HEART.

# This fan-made Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes crossover trailer called A Study in Time is so, very, brilliant. I want that crossover so badly now. GET ON IT MOFFAT.

# AND THEN THERE WAS PARKED. First they gave us that ridiculously hot still of Colin Morgan as Cathal (too big to direct link; go here, scroll down to the Art Work section), and then they gave us the trailer (same site; the streaming video gave a lot of people trouble, though, so some kind soul upped the the trailer to YT), and I'm still kind of stunned that Colin created an entirely new character for this, gives me Johnny Depp flashbacks, not gonna lie. <3333

# Someone drew chibi Merlin & Arthur for kinkelot's Tentacles challenge, and Arthur has a tiny crown and Merlin is half octopus and it's basically the cutest thing ever. :D

# Took a stroll around town yesterday and discovered we have a store called J2 and it's a hair salon. OH THE IRONY (see Jared's hair). ANYWAY, what I really wanted was to rec a J2 fic called Full Service Firm by rivkat which is a J2 AU in which Jared mistakes Jensen for a prostitute and Jensen doesn't bother correcting him and they proceed to have the hottest sex ever. *fans self*

» I also have Thoughts about White Collar and The Vampire Diaries and MERLIN OMG but I appear to be out of spoons. *flops* Maybe another time.