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08 July 2010 @ 12:55 pm

So I was wondering if LJ coding works in PMs since HTML doesn't and sent myself a PM with the lj user= code. This is the error message I got.
Stop trying to message yourself, we're not that kind of service.

This comes hot on the heels of the news that when you enter your schools info and it's been a while since you attended school, LJ asks you if you're sure you attend school that long ago. O.O!!1!

Please stop trying to be funny, LJ.

ps: And bring back the geeky error pages. This new 'not found' page with a super creepy picture of Frank the Goat (seriously, I adblocked it) are painfully.. normal.

eta; Apparently Warner Brothers, more specifically Supernatural, has claimed the term Metallicar as intellectual property--a term coined by fandom. sophie_448 explains how she found out here. >:[

eta2; Even more >:[ worthy.
Recently, LJ unilaterally and without communicating with the community maintainers, set the ratings of merlin_femslash, merlinxarthur and merlinslash to 18+. merlin_femslash reported on this yesterday; apparently some other fandom and bandom communities were also locked. So far as we can tell, only slash and femslash communities have been subject to this treatment.
From ineptshieldmaid's entry at DW here. (I'd linked to her mirror on LJ at first but she locked it quite suddenly, unfortunately.) Like she says, not only did LJ never make it mandatory for adult content to be filtered, LJ also said they would contact maintainers if there ever was an issue. But here they simply went in and changed the community settings themselves. That is so not cool I can't even, ugh! Unhappy.