June 2nd, 2010

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I think I have always been vaguely aware that being a fandom newsletter editor couldn't be a quick or easy job, you know, in the way that people are aware of things they have never really tried themselves. And then I volunteered to help with the new mxa_news newsletter which is Arthur/Merlin & Bradley/Colin only. Um, yeah. Not quick or easy at all. *coff* But! It's all good. I'm enjoying it, although I hope that it won't be quite as time intensive once I'm more practiced at it.

bbc_merlin_news is still one of my favorite places in Merlin fandom, of course, and their Delicious database is heaven. But I quite like having a more extensive A/M+B/C newsletter, too. :)

We're still experimenting with formatting and it will probably take a few more editions before we settle on something we're completely happy with. In the meantime I hope reading the newsletter won't be too confusing! Oh, and if you want to pimp a place we should totally be watching for A/M + B/C stuff, please do!