January 4th, 2009

Moonie - heart

Why Dr. Horrible, Commentary! The Musical is made of awesome.

After a song about the Writer's Strike..

Neil: I never knew a song could feel so much like a REALLY REALLY long history class. Maybe it's time we heard from the actors!
Nathan: Hoho, I'm an actor! Maybe I should go first.
Neil: Uh no, I was referring to the good actors.
Nathan: Listen Neil, why don't you step back--
Neil: Why don't you step up--
Zac: How about Felicia?
Felicia: I don't discuss my process, Zac!
Stacey: E-excuse me?
SO*: Uh, what, honey?
Stacey: I'm sorry, i-it's my turn.
SO: And you are..?
Stacey: Stacey.
SO: And I would know you from..?
Stacey: Groupie No. 2. I have a solo now.
SO: That makes little or no sense.
SO: Tell you what, why don't you sit in the corner over there by Steve and if we have time left over--
Stacey: Joss.
Joss: No, yeah yeah, I think she should sing. She's young, up and coming... America would want to know what Tracey--
Stacey: Stacey.
Joss: --is all about. It's good for the whole team, for the family. This is about family.
SO: How much did you pay him?
Stacey: Ten dollars.
Joss: ..I was going to share.

*dies and dies* That commentary alone was worth the $10 I spent on the DVD. Ripping it to mp3 was a pain and took forever, but now I can finally listen to it whenever I want and giggle and sing along, YAY. \o/

eta; Nathan has an entire song about how he's better than Neil, btw. Ahahahaha. If that doesn't convince you to part with $10 in exchange for this piece of genius, I don't know what will. *adjusts pimp hat*

SO* = I couldn't tell who was speaking.