March 16th, 2008

JA - btssnow

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» Anyone got some spare Retcon for me? I need to erase the memory of last week's Torchwood.

» Added a new show to my Watch List: New Amsterdam. :D

» Watched Terminator 1 and 2, hoping for answers to questions the Sarah Connor Chronicles (♥) left me with. I kind of wish I hadn't watched the first movie. First of all, it sucked. Also, no one had warned me that I'd come face to face with Schwarzenegger's penis. WHY OH WHY? WASN'T HIS NAKED ASS ENOUGH? *cries*

» SPN recs! Love's Eternal Fire by laurificus, a short but sweet Jared/Jensen story. Roads Well Traveled by indysaur, a Jared/Jensen story of 10,552 words with just the right amount of angst. :)

» AHAHAHAHAHA*gasp for breath*ahahahahaha~!

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Yes, that is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. O.o