December 13th, 2007

Moonie - heart

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YOU GUYS. Somebody gave me a vgift! *spazzes* A sparkly diamond! I poked gwyntastic because we like to spam each other with the stuff but she swears it wasn't her. So it's like, I know Gwen thinks I rock, but, but, other people? :D :D :D

THANK YOU lovely anonymous person! You made me squee. :)

*sporfle* Gwenfreak just gave me a hot chocolate and a fancy hot coco (I named it 'Sam') to keep the diamond company. Uh, ignore the professions of love and marriage proposal. I did say yes, although I'm thinking about taking it back now that she just confessed that in her head I look like Christian Kane with boobs. *scowls* Not cool.

To summarize: random vgifts are awesome, Gwen is a lovable nut, and Jensen Ackles is still a dork but now he's a bigger & wmark free dork!

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PS: All the pictures are finally back up. They can be found under the 'pretty pixels' tag.