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Who saw Captain America 2 yesterday? THIS GIRL.

It was SO GOOD you guys. Easily one of my top three favorite Marvel movies. I loved all the characters, and the action/fight scenes were awesome and fun to watch. I can't remember when I last said that about a movie.

Now, I ramble. About everything. Prepare yourselves.

Cap jumping off the plane without a chute and then diving into the water? Hot. Cap casually kicking ass as he breezes across the deck? Holy competence kink, batman. I LOVED seeing him in action. And then that moment where he fights that one guy and the dude is all, "Guess you really are the shield," and Cap sasses him IN FRENCH and puts the shield away, takes off his helmet and proceeds to kick the guy's ass? I practically melted into my seat. Guh.

What even was Fury's car and where do I get one. That was one of those action sequences I loved so, so much. And then the Winter Soldier shows up, blows up the car and motherfucking casually side-steps as it comes flying at him afjgsakfjasgkjfsghkfunf. I loved everything about the Winter Soldier. EVERYTHING.

The elevator scene. THE ELEVATOR SCENE. I loved what we saw of it before the movie came out but the full scene was even better. Steve noticing right away what's going on while more and more guys pile in and he's just like, "lol no". And the final escape! When Sitwell went, "Are you kidding me?!" he pretty much echoed what everyone was thinking. So awesome. GO STEVE GO.

By the way, Steve's costume? The stills made it look a bit weird and bulky but in looked really good on film. I mean, REALLY GOOD. Yeah.

SAM/FALCON. I'm a fan, ngl. I loved everything about him, how he was instantly supportive and eager to help and loyal, and the wings you guys, how incredible were the wings?! More Falcon please and thank you, Marvel.

When Sam asks Steve what would make him happy and Steve says, "I don't know." ;_;

PEGGY. Aw man, Peggy. I'd hoped that they would get to dance after all, but nope. The look on Steve's face towards the end of their scene. So sad.

Oh man, for a minute I actually believed that they had offed Fury. Like, I couldn't believe it but omg what if he's actually dead nooo... And then later he popped back up all, "What's taken you so long assholes" and everything was well again. Whew!

I will never tire of watching Natasha fight but I loved seeing her put her spy knowhow to use. Also, her arrow necklace! Aww, Clint. I'm glad they didn't go the Steve/Natasha route (I enjoyed their friendship so muuuch) just like I'm hoping they won't follow through with the Steve/Sharon thing (who I disliked at first --Steve's pissy "neighbour" spoke to my soul-- but during the standoff later learned to appreciate and want to see more of). If only because a romance would always feel shoehorned in to me. They have plenty of plot to play with, leave the romance to the fans Marvel, damn you.

ZOLA. WHAT WHAT WHAT. That was creepy as hell. Somehow I never saw the Hydra thing coming but in retrospect I probably should have. And hold up, whoa, did I get that right, did Zola suggest Hydra killed Tony's parents?? Did THE WINTER SOLDIER kill Tony's parents (since, as I understood it, he was their primary tool of intervention)? O.O I wonder if something is going to come out of that.

ENTER MARIA HILL. You guys, I couldn't have cared less about Maria in Avengers but I fell a little bit in love with her here. Also, it's killing me that she's working for Stark Industries now. THE LIE DETECTOR TEST. That was totally Tony sitting on the other side of that table. Clearly he has trust issues after Natasha. :P

When Bucky starts to remember after seeing Steve and they just wipe him again. ;_; I liked Bucky before this but now I'm ready for some fic if you know what I mean.

Speaking of Steve, holy fuck, when they capture him after he realizes Bucky is alive. He's on his knees and they're about to execute him and he's too stunned to function. For a moment I didn't even realize what the dude meant when he whispered "Not here, not here" but then I understood that he'd noticed a news helicopter, otherwise Steve would have been dead. Gave me chills. Damn, Steve.

The stand-off at SHIELD was awesome. Falcon's, "So did you practice that or..." in response to Cap's serious speech made me laugh. One of my favorite lines was Fury's, "And you wonder why I have trust issues!" when it turns out that his WCC buddy is the head of Hydra.

Natasha's face-mask! I was so impressed when the WCC lady started taking everyone down and then Natasha was all, "surprise motherfuckers". I can't believe she dumped all of SHIELD's secrets and agent files onto the internet. No more secrets. Eep.

The Bucky/Steve fight on the helicarrier! omfg. When Bucky just shoots him a few times (when he hit the back of his upper thigh my reaction was, "OH GOD NOT THE ASS", ..yeah, I have problems) and Steve just keeps going. UNTIL THE LAST GUT SHOT and Steve looks down at where he's bleeding through his uniform and just drops. I live for my favorite characters getting hurt and faltering before they pull themselves back up okay. That scene was made for me. <3


The asshole senator from Iron Man was Hydra and he sooo got busted. That felt good, HAH.

Okay okay, but like, no more SHIELD. NO MORE SHIELD. Talk about enormous repercussions, what. I bet Whedon wishes he had named his show differently right about now. I mean, no more SHIELD, no more SHIELD agents, no more SHIELD academy... what are they gonna DO now? Who handles all the special bad guys? Who makes sure things get put into the vault... or rather, that they don't get OUT? Damn. I cannot wait to see where this is going.

And lastly, the post credit scenes. I loved the first look at the Maximoff twins, that looked promising! But also, Bucky at the museum. I'm tickled silly. He's totally starting to remember and I cannot WAIT for Cap 3. Gimme!

That um, got long. I'm just really excited okay? Okay.

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