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First off, those 2D Glasses I mentioned? The postal service must really like me because against all odds mine somehow arrived the day before the movie showing, and I'm in love. As far as I'm concerned I watched a 2D movie, it was great. So if you aren't fond of 3D, or 3D gives you headaches, the glasses are worth a look.

And now, Iron Man 3. :D

That movie is as heart breaking as it is hilarious and bad-ass. It definitely leaves Iron Man 2 in the dust, but I can't decide if I like it better than Iron Man 1. The movies are different in many ways, but I think they're on equal footing overall?

Either way, I loveloveloved Iron Man 3. There were too many awesome moments to count, I'm not even going to try. The only thing I'm conflicted about is the ending, but more on that later.

When the song started at the beginning (Blue, Da Ba Dee) the entire room groaned. Was that song huge anywhere else? It was here, and we haven't forgotten. *g*

YINSEN. I was so excited to see him! I love that they showed that.

Tony dancing during the armor test! Sexy. (The Christmas theme puzzled me, btw. Was IM3 originally supposed to air around that time?)

Also sexy: Tony sending Pepper the armor to protect her, and then Pepper protecting Tony when the ceiling gave. <3 The destruction of the Malibu house was as awful to watch as I'd expected. My heart hurt, especially when they showed us Dummy just before the house fell into the ocean. NOOO, NOT THE BOTS. ;_;

Is it just me or did JARVIS sound more human than ever? Like when he was all, "butbutbut, I made a flight plan, lip wobble", or when he said, "I think I'm going to sleep, sir." I swear he sounded scared. GAH, MY EMOTIONS. I heart Tony's creations almost as much as I heart Tony Stark, y'all.

Predictably, I loved Tony having panic attacks. Not only was it great to see such a human reaction to a traumatic experience in a character like Tony Stark, but also, well, Tony hurts real pretty. *ahem* (Doesn't he even say, "Panic attacks? Me?" when JARVIS suggests he had one? I liked that. Frankly I'm surprised he didn't have any after Afghanistan.)

The Tony and Harley show was a source of great amusement. They worked well together, and the one-liners killed. My favorite was the face/voice combo of, "We're connected." Oh, Tony. <3

The twist of the Mandarin turning out to be an actor was hilarious. Ben Kingsley kicked ass at both parts, he was such fun. (I had no idea about this part of comic canon, so I wasn't aware of the controversy surrounding the switcheroo until after I saw the movie.)

The suits. How awesome was it to see all the suits wreaking havoc on the bad guys?? GUH.

"Oh my god, that was really violent." PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER. That was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. As far as movie canon goes I'm all about the Tony/Pepper saving each other and being gorgeous together. When he lost her I meeped, and then she came back full-on kicking ass and I loved every second of it.

I'm of two minds about the ending. I mean it was a good ending to a trilogy, but the wrap-up seemed unnecessary to me even if IM3 should turn out to be the last IM movie. "Clean Slate" made for pretty fireworks, and I guess it made sense. Tony had just lost (and regained) Pepper, why wouldn't he do anything he could to keep her, and the suits have always been a source of friction between them. But then they rushed through fixing Pepper and the heart surgery. The heart surgery! If that was ever even remotely a possibility, wouldn't Tony have done everything in his power to make it happen asap and ages ago? That bothered me most about the ending, honestly.

Here's what I'm hoping: when Tony said he fixed Pepper he didn't mean he removed Extremis, he stabilized it. I choose to believe that the clothes Pepper wore during the surgery scene were an indicator of that, actually. From pure white to fancy black? (Which, yum.) Black stands for 'kicking ass and taking names', right? Right?? Also, getting rid of the suits and the arc reactor paved the way for Extremis!IM, so if/when IM4 happens (or possibly Avengers 2) we'll get Tony and Pepper kicking ass all around. (If we don't I hope someone writes all the fic about it anyway. Don't let me down, fandom!)

Lastly, the end credits were beautiful. From the song to the clips from all three movies to the style. Perfect. <3

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