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» The surgery went well and after recuperating at the parents' place for a while, I'm heading home tomorrow. My blood results were a bit funky but I feel alright, so hopefully that's just normal post-surgery funkiness and they'll be back to normal when we do another check on the 13th. Especially seeing as I have a plane ticket for the 16th, meep. (But mostly because I'd like my liver to be okay.)

» If I feel well on Wednesday I might go see Iron Man 3. EXCITING. (Downside: it's a 3D showing and my 2D Glasses won't reach me in time.) Now I just need to somehow stay unspoiled until then. Be nice, Tumblr.

» Psych is making me wibbly. The ending of the wedding episode blind-sided me, not only because it unexpectedly went from funny to serious, but because at some point I seem to have convinced myself that everyone already knew Shawn wasn't really psychic and was only humoring him. I only realized that when Juliet freaked out and I kept going, "Wait, what? But... What??" Idek. And then came Right Turn Or Left For Dead which was painful and just excellent television, oh how I loved that episode. Even if Shawn, after doing everything right in his head, royally effed things up in real life. Oh, Shawn. 709 wasn't anywhere near as excellent but entertaining enough, and it made me hopeful that Shawn and Juliet will work out. They're adorable together.

» Supernatural is making me flaily. How perfect was this episode? Dean and Charlie work so well together. "Montage." That's my girl. <3 And the hug Dean gave Sam was beautiful, sniff. My soul for Charlie as a recurring character next season.

» Everything is Elementary and nothing hurts. That's literally all I got. I'm completely besotted with that show, and this wait for new episodes is torture.

» And now I shall continue getting absolutely nothing done. I had plans! Beautiful plans progressing fannish projects! But this laptop is sucking the productivity right out of me. I just can't seem to establish a workflow that works for me. All I've one for the past two weeks is watch my shows, read some fic, cook meals, and play Candy Crush. :/

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