Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr spent the day together. They even touched and Chris smiled dopeyly at RDJ and everything. Life is beautiful and nothing hurts—except the lack of RPF in Avengers fandom. Why do you insist on hurting me, fandom, why?

» Have just subscribed to the wrong story on AO3 for the umpteenth time. Can someone please fix that stupid bug? (To recreate: log out. Open story A in one tab, story B in another. Go back to tab A and log in. The logged in page that loads will display story B. If you don't pay attention you subscribe to the wrong story. Which is probably where the "y u sub to completed stories, silly?" confusion comes from.)

» Help, I've fallen into Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and can't get up. There are three episodes left of season one and my only complaint so far: not enough Bruce. I'm just not a Hulk person, I guess. Jan is my favorite, and I want to make sweet love to Tony's voice actor. I'm also really liking Hank but I have the feeling they're about to crank up the drama so I'm prepared to have my heart broken.

» I'm also mainlining Elementary. You've won, everyone in the entire universe. You've won. I'm on episode eight and like it well enough so far. I hope you're happy.

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