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Can we talk about a "notify me upon completion" subscription, AO3? I wouldn't have to delete so many useless emails, your servers would probably appreciate the break, happy endings all around! (Pretty please?) (Let's not talk about how I have somehow managed to stop falling into the WIP trap on AO3 while kink meme WIPs still get me every time. Every time. *weeps*)

Suits finale tomorrow. This season has been amazing all around and it's bound to end with a bang. Nngh, gimme. Whatever happens, there had better be a lot of Donna. I have such a crush on that character, oh my god. *hearteyes*

Speaking of finales, I went into this week's episode of Primeval not knowing that that was it for season one, aaah. CONNOR. <333 I hadn't expected to see him again, the noises I made when I saw him were undignified, ngl. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I didn't see the Mac thing coming, in retrospect that was so obvious it hurts. But uh, now that Mac is toast, does that mean we'll get to see Connor more often? Can he join the team, please? asfjskaghfkajsfWANT. Anyway, nice cliffhanger. I'm curious to see what changed about their reality. Ange better turn back into someone I like, and I love the little guy er, Leeds, hope we get to see more of him next season. I'm... kind of confused about how I excited I am about this show.

Primeval and I have a complicated relationship. It gives me so-and-so acting, hit-and-miss writing and cliched directing. Honestly, I'm convinced it's made by newbies who are determined to hit every single pothole imaginable. (I'm too chicken to look that up--what if I'm wrong and these people should know what they're doing! the horror.) But it also gives me dinosaurs, Niall Matter's face, Miranda Frigon's eyes, and the possibility of Colin Ferguson guest starring again. So. There's going to be a second season, right? Don't let me down, Canada!

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