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I'm in the process of re-organizing my Pinboard bookmarks. Right now most of the links go to Livejournal entries. My next project will be to download/back up all the fic to my ebook reader, though, so I'm hunting for AO3 accounts and changing all the links to AO3. Needless to say that's going to take forever. But it's worth the work, especially now that I have an archival account at Pinboard. It archives AO3 pages perfectly and thanks to the "view entire work" option on the AO3 I no longer have to bookmark multiple parts just so Pinboard can grab everything, hooray! In short: if you have an AO3 account, I love you extra special. *g*

Uh, not that that's why I started this entry. I wanted to prod you about tagging. Since I'm going through all my bookmarks I want to get this right, and I'm worried I'll forget adding important tags, argh. Right now I'm adding tags for:

* events, meaning challenges or fests, eg. event:paperlegends
* fandom
* host, which will make it easier to hunt for AO3 alternatives in the future, eg. host:lj
* keyword, this includes kinks, tropes, and the like, eg. keyword:hurt/comfort
* medium, meaning fic, art, vid
* pairing
* setting, meaning AU, canon, etc.
* word count, which I divided into categories, eg. words(3):2k-4.9k

I format the bookmark titles "author: story title", so I can locate authors and stories via the search function. The description format is "word count. rating. author summary". I'm also adding my own summary in ( ) if the author summary is too nondescript. Oh, and author warnings if there are any, mostly for people browsing by.

Is there anything you tag for that I left out? Any "keywords" that are important to you? My instinct is to not tag for m/m, for example, since that's true for most of the stories I bookmark. Instead I thought I'd tag for het and moresomes, but I'm not sure if that's the right approach, hrm.

Oh, and one more thing: [I'm in love with the new spoiler tag.]Hey there, beautiful. It works in the comments, too! How brilliant is that? :D I can't even think why I would use the regular lj-cut anymore. The spoiler tag doesn't require leaving the page, that's great even when you cut for length. Bwee! A useful LJ addition at last.
Tags: fandom, fandom: projects, journaling
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