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Thanks for the hearts, you guys! Unfortunately I missed the window to send some myself, so this one's for you. ♥

I did a thing! Two things, really. The Archive of Our Own has RSS feeds for each fandom now. I like to get the updates on my friends page so I created ao3merlinrpf and ao3bbcsherlock, and I see somebody else created ao3_merlin_feed, yay! They update in bursts, and sometimes they fail to update (LJ's fault), but overall they're pretty handy.

Seeing as Merlin and Sherlock are both pretty active fandoms the feeds are kind of high-traffic and your friends page might get a bit cluttered at times. There's an easy solution to that, though: filtering! Add ?show=P,C to your friends page URL and you only see posts made my users (P) and to communities (C). To see only your feeds add ?show=Y. Ta-da! I added the links to my sidebar, easy peasy.

I wish the AO3 offered pairing feeds, and hopefully they will at some point. Until then, if you're on Twitter and want to be notified whenever someone uploads a new John/Sherlock fic to the AO3, follow @ao3johnsherlock. It checks for updates every fifteen minutes and tweets the title, author and link of new works. \o/

Would anyone be interested in a Twitter account like that for Merlin/Arthur? I haven't made one yet because a) I've run out of email addresses (Twitter only allows one account per address, boo) and b) ugh, lazy. But if anyone else is interested let me know! I could use the incentive.

eta; I almost forgot! lil_lollypop36 has a shop at Redbubble now and the first two chibis she put up are Bradley/Colin chibis. I... don't think I have the self control to resist buying this on a shirt. Gaaah!
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, fandom: #sherlock
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