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In an attempt to catch up with merlin_holidays before learning who wrote what, I have been reading fic nearly non-stop today. It helps that I'm hopeless at identifying writing styles, but all this one-eyed squinting at my f-list is giving me a headache. ;) I'm almost done with week three now, though, hooray!

Anyway, first on-schedule link-y post thing of stuff I enjoyed in the past seven days! (I kind of love that this is making me read more fic already. Just the motivation I needed! I hope it keeps.)


YouTube: Somebody That I Used to Know by Walk off the Earth (Gotye cover)
I first watched this around 30 hours ago when it "only" had 38.000 hits. YT tells me it's at nearly 2.6 million hits now, which would be baffling if I didn't think the band, and that cover/video in particular, deserved every one of those hits. Five people playing the song on one guitar, a wonderful range of voices, and probably my favorite version of the song yet.

Merlin: vids

500 Miles by suchaprince (Merlin/Arthur)
A vid that made me flail and nod and this is why I ship it, basically. Lovely!

Merlin: fic

Call It Love by saramir (RPF, Bradley/Colin, 29k)
As filming wraps up for the final series, Bradley tries to sort out where his friendship with Colin stands and where it could progress. Pining, nostalgia, texting, and the banter of weirdos in love ensues.
RPF hasn't been getting much love in this fandom lately, so when this appeared on my f-list I pretty much put life on hold and read it right then and there. I wasn't disappointed. ♥

On to merlin_holidays!

The Spirit of Christmas (AU, Merlin/Arthur, 22.5k)
This is the story about how Arthur the Elf got his groove back.
Arthur. The. Elf. This was pure crack from start to finish. I loved the originality of it.

Wassail (Canon, Merlin/Arthur, 1.8k)
Merlin and Arthur go wassailing on a Yule night.
Lots of small tender aww moments in this one. Feel-good schmoop.

Stage of the Ice, the Solid Ocean (Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur, 9k)
When Police Sergeant Lance Dulac begins to investigate a crime in the small Welsh village of Camelot, it stirs up decades of secrets.
I loved the small town murder mystery vibe of this story.

The Yule Quest (Canon, Merlin/Arthur, 4k)
In the early days of his reign, Arthur is overworked, overtired, and quietly miserable. Merlin decides to bring a little Yuletide cheer into his life. Naturally, a quest is in order.
This story put a happy smile on my face. I love pieces like this, completely focused on Merlin and Arthur and how fond they are of each other. Plus, Yule theme! With snow! And a tree! ♥

Two Hatches and a Match (Canon, Merlin/Arthur, 12k)
"Just as the dragonlord calls a dragon from its egg, so too may the egg call forth a dragonlord."
I cackled all the way through this one. For some reason I went into it expecting Merlin to end up pregnant, imagine my delight when it turned out to be Arthur. There's just something about a pregnant Arthur Pendragon that fills me with glee.

Borderlands (Canon AU, Merlin/Arthur, 11k)
When Arthur is separated from his knights by a mysterious fog on the Mercian border, he finds himself trapped in a place that seems to balance between dream and reality. To regain his freedom he must put his trust in one of Lord Bayard's closest men - a man who calls himself Merlin.
One of my absolute favorites so far. I wouldn't know where to start listing what I liked, it was such a wholly enjoyable read. Really liked the AU here.

Let me be your canvas (Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur, 11.6k)
Merlin wants a tattoo. And maybe the tattoo artist as well.
I never found tattoos particularly sexy, but this story showed me the error of my ways, hum.

I Got You (Modern AU, Arthur/Merlin, 5k)
Merlin was the one that Arthur would never drop, because he had always been there to catch Arthur in return.
Arthur bullies Merlin into being friends with him, as you do. Hee.

Ah, accomplishment! Now I'm off to leave feedback on all of the above, and then there's weeks four and five in need of epubfying. (Yeah, I made that word up.) And then, if there's still time left, I must read moar. :D
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