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Merlin is baaack! Did have some minor issues with the season opener but honestly, they aren't even worth mentioning. Overall I enjoyed it very much—so much that I committed a capcrime. Capping is basically the bane of my existence. I used to do it a lot and it drove me absolutely mental, but... Bradley's faaace! Colin's smiiile! I was powerless to resist.

Hee! I loved this little "look at me" moment.

Ahaha, this scene. But where did Bradley's arse go? :(


Ffffff, this scene.

My stomach dropped when I first saw this cap. Just, that face. Fuck.

My favorite 4.01 scene. My Merlin/Arthur is back, watch me weep happy tears.


Hahaha! His face doesn't even make sense in context. It looks like he's contemplating the use of torches as sex toys or something.

Fuck, wrecked. :(

I love that he kissed Uther's forehead.

It's okay Lancelot, we love you.

MONEY SHOT. (I was so worried for Gwaine's hair what with all the crazy torch waving.)


I didn't get why Arthur was so terrified until I realized he was psyching himself up for his own death. Meep.

PS: You know what else is back? Supernatural! And I don't just mean back on TV, I mean it's back back. Yeah, I actually can't wait to see the next episode. Haven't felt like that in a good long while and I couldn't be happier about it. :)
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