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LJ lives, huzzah! In case you haven't heard, an article: Why Have Hackers Hit Russia's Most Popular Blogging Service? In short, LJ "has emerged as [Russia's] last truly free and public space for political debate" and "[the hackers] seem to be trying to divert and restrict the political discussion to media the government can more readily control." It's an attack on free-speech, basically, and the downtimes haven't been LiveJournal's fault it any way.

That said, I'm still offering up my 15 11 invites to Dreamwidth. I want to stretch, though, that I'm not pimping Dreamwidth as an alternative to LJ, I'm pimping it as a back-up. Dreamwidth has a free feature that allows users to import their whole journal: profile info incl. interests, userpics, entries and comments. There's no saying how far these hackers are willing to go and it would be a tragedy if we lost any fanworks or personal memories. (Note: a lot of people are importing their stuff to Dreamwidth right now so the import queue is long and that adds to the load LJ is dealing with. Wait a few days if you can.)

And because my heart breaks a little whenever someone locks or deletes their fic and the thought of LJ going down/losing data and taking all the fic with it has me reaching for a paperbag, I have requested and received 5 2 invites to the Archive of Our Own (AO3). It's not perfect but build to be around for a long while, and they have recently added subscriptions which means email alerts when someone updates or uploads something new and that's kind of awesome. I'm going to give priority to authors who're interested in uploading their fic there but in case I can't find five of them, raise your hands too if you're interested, readers.

Leave a comment if you're interested in an invite to either place. If you're interested in the Ao3 let me know if you fall into the writer or reader category (with regard on how you plan on using the account, not generally).
Tags: fandom, journaling
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