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Graphic by hermette who saved you all from my own fugly efforts.

# Leave a prompt (one prompt per comment).

# Fill a prompt (logged in or anon, fic or art).

# Rejoice in the B/C love!

Pimp? Copy/paste/post!

Multiple fills are love! :)

Artists, there's no need to feel shy. Even if a prompt doesn't ask for art specifically, if it inspires you, go for it! Perhaps your fill will inspire a writer in turn. Ooh, or you could illustrate a fill; leave art as a prompt, even! So many possibilities. \o/

master list of awesome
Last updated: 2011-02-17

Colin rims Bradley until he cries. (link)
        (fic) The Sexual Education of Bradley James

When he's really turned on, Colin randomly speaks Irish, completely unaware. Bradley can't understand a word, but himself is too aroused by it to mention it to Colin. (link)
        (fic) Ta Cion Agam Ort
        (fic) untitled fill

They break down -- in the middle of nowhere. (link)

Physical hurt/comfort. Can be UST or first time, I'm not fussed. (link)

Bradley and Colin meet a wizard in the studios, and the wizard's name is Harry Potter. (link)

Terms of endearment (pet names!) (link)

Colin ties Bradley down and keeps him on the edge for hours. (link)

Bradley and Colin's coming out, magazine cover. (link)
        (art) RadioTimes
        (art) OK!

Bradley tries to be good and not give in, but Colin is such a fucking TEASE. He isn't made of stone, you know. (link)

After hours, Bradley bends Colin over Gaius' workbench and fucks him with that black dildo prop thing. You know the one. (link)

Mid-break up. Lots of angst. Then happy ending. XD Make it hurt, please. But piece it back together again. (link)
        (fic) Who are we deceiving? 2/? (WIP, NEW!)

I WANT FIRST TIMES FLUFF!!!! Don't care if it's holding hands, kissing, or the bedroom shenanigans - I want something that's gonna gimme a cavity. (link)
        (fic) Hidden Depths
        (fic) Remember that time under the table? (NEW!)

Colin wins Oscar. Bradley comes to congratulate him. Both suddenly remebmer that long time ago they were in love. (link)
        (fic) Trophies

Bradley asks Colin why he is so very against what the fangirls write about them. Cause he's sorta hurt that Colin is seemingly so disgusted by it. Hint: he's not disgusted, he's stupidly turned on and it troubles him. (link)

Bradley sings "All I Want is You" by Barry Louis Polisar to Colin. [..] Big hugs if Tony helps him out by playing the guitar part. (link)

I want GOING HOME TO MEET THE FAMILY FIC. You guys, I'm a sucker for family!fic. Especially if Colin and Bradley are living together off Merlin, whether in Bradley's flat or Colin's and then they SPRING IT ON THEM. I want family fic guys. (link)

Goth Bradley and/or Colin. If maniping, no cheating using pictures of Jethro. (link)
        (art) Goth Bradley, Goth Colin
        (art) Goth Bradley and Colin

Bradley has a thing for Merlin's neckerchief and wants Colin to wear it when they're having sex. (link)

Established relationship: Colin is offered a starring role in another show when Merlin is over; Bradley has no offers. (link)

They rarely have time to get down to some for serious sex while shooting in France. At night, they're too wiped out to fool around. Cut to lots of makeouts and handjobs and sweaty fingering whenever they can steal a moment. (link)

Colin is wearing his two-sizes-too-large puffy jacket and offers to share it with a cold and wet Bradley. (link)
        (fic) Come On and Get Inside My Jacket

Colin or Bradley get into a rigging/stunt accident on the set. (link)

It is the opening night of Our Private Life and Colin is nervous. Bradley has made it his job to calm and distract. (link)

Colin is a famous writer who has Agoraphobia. Bradley is his happy go lucky dog walker. (link)

Ring Porn. (link)

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