Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» Bah, so far 2011 doesn't look much different from 2010 as far as RL suckage goes. I should probably unload my woes on y'all at some point, get this off my chest and preserve my sanity. Don't have the energy for it right now, though.

» Anyway! Other stuff on my mind.

# JamesVanDerMemes by Mr. Van Der Beek himself. (Scroll down past the FunnyOrDie stuff for the memes!) I never really got the craze but I have officially seen the light. In between giggles. Oh my god. I think the 10 Year Anniversary Crying Edition is my favorite. I'm helpless in the face of a man who can make fun of himself!

# sherlockiangirl pasted Merlin's head on surprised!kitten and the gif has been a source of endless entertainment to me ever since.

# This M/A art by notfairytales. Arthur carries a hurt Merlin. ;_; I now want to read about the c part of this h/c piece, lalala so predictable, shh.

# This B/C fic: Penance by wholly_crepe (posted locked at bradleycolin). In which Colin is Catholic, Bradley is Bradley, and Colin doesn't quite know how to deal. 6,012 words of perfection.
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, fandom: recs, moontalk
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