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» When my f-list starts squeeing about a show, the squee doesn't let up over time and more f-listers chime in each week, I usually end up with a side-fandom. In other words, I have mainlined Hawaii 5-0 this weekend and OMFGYES. Slash-y subtext you can cut with a knife? (Seriously, Bradley James is probably watching this show for the bromance.) And one of the dudes is smokin' hot? (♥Steve♥) SIGN ME UP. (Also, however briefly, the pilot had Norman Reedus. I never stood a chance!)

» Merlin 308 was love and this is why: GWAINE. He's crushing on Merlin so hard but OBVIOUSLY Merlin and Arthur are an old married couple (even if Arthur is EMOTIONALLY STUNTED and obsessed with acting MANLY--a shoulder pat, really?! though I LOVE how Bradley played that, with Arthur looking off to the side just after the pat--BRADLEY♥) so Gwaine is cool with being Merlin's BFF, although he reserves the right to roll his eyes at Arthur's bullshit and give Merlin the hugs he deserves.


There are so many little things I enjoyed, like the campfire scene and Merlin's mocking 'alooone', but if I wrote that all down I would still be typing tomorrow, so I'll settle for one more thing: GWAINE CALLED ARTHUR 'PRINCESS' AND LIVED. :D

And now I need some new Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine fic. Or Bradley/Colin/Eion, even. Good thing I'm flexible. *g*
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, fandom: episode reactions, fandom: misc. tv shows
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