Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» It's officially autumn now and I greeted its arrival with a big smile. Colored leaves! Darkness when I get up and go to sleep! Warm clothes and hot cocoa and extra blankets and hot water bottles! *clutches* ILY, AUTUMN.

» suaine tells me Scrivener is coming to Windows. Let me repeat that: SCRIVENER is coming to WINDOWS, and the beta version will be out NEXT MONTH. Christmas come early, y/y? :D

» This week has been insane, I don't think I had a single after-work evening to myself, and as a result haven't got around to checking out any of the new shows. (THIS IS MY SAD FACE.) Have you? Which ones are most worth checking out?

» My sister is coming over for breakfast tomorrow and I'm taking bets on how long she lasts until she admits defeat and we have to go to a nearby bistro to finish breakfast. She's allergic to dust, hay and guinea pigs, y'see, all of which exists a plenty at my place. Oh vey.

eta; » The B/C and M/A side of fandom is so quiet right now! Looks like it's gonna be another short newsletter today.
Tags: moontalk

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