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It's a beautiful Sunday mor--er, noon! I'm all caught up on internet stuffs, and am about to finish up some merlin_archives work so that the transcribing can begin. \o/ I'm also hoping to get around to writing up an entry about the LUSH stuff I got weeks ago but I know better than to make any promises. (The box is sitting next to me and smells REALLY GOOD. Mmm, LUSH.)

Now, stuff I enjoyed, arrow style!

» Earlier this week we got pictures of Jensen walking around the Vancouver set munching gummies which gave me the giggles. And then he showed up at the EW/Syfy party last night and why, why does he keep doing this to his hair? Sigh! He's lucky he's pretty. And doesn't have Jared's forehead.

» YouTube link: White Collar's Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey) & Tim DeKay dancing to 'Tik Tok' by Ke$ha at Comic Con 2010. Oh, my, god. I may have died a little, and I'm just gonna say it: DeKay pawns Bomer at dancing. Look at his sweet, smooth moves, ladies and gents! Bomer on the other hand looks like he's spazzing, hahaha. Good to know he sucks at SOMETHING. Man is too gorgeous as it is, unf.

» Speaking of Bomer and DeKay, the first episodes of the new White Collar season have made me SO HAPPY, and not just because those two have the most amazing chemistry on-screen. ♥ Does anyone know if this is for real? It LOOKS real but I can't find the picture of DeKay kissing Bomer's cheek ANYWHERE. And tumblr isn't helping. I can't even figure out where that originally came from and/or who/how to ask the tumblr poster(s). Goddamn site is driving me batshit, I swear. *SPORKS* Ahem.

» This is me reccing tierfal's story Sweeter Dreams to hell and back. It's Merlin, first-time A/M, and reads like a real episode (in which the ending of Sweet Dreams is made right); it's so funny, and the boys feel so real characterization and dynamic wise, I just love it to bits. Check it out if you haven't yet!

» If you need me today, I'll be hanging out at shapingdestiny, squeeing about Colin at Comic Con. Even if you don't want to squee with us, check out the entry once things start happening as we'll be collecting links to reports and pics there. I hope Colin's hair's been licked by kittens again, that's such a good look on him. :D
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