Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» Jensen Ackles and Colin Morgan will both be at Comic Con. Anyone's knees just turn to rubber? No? Just me, then. (I'm almost glad that Bradley won't be there. Jensen + Bradley = spontaneous combustion.)

» This heatwave is seriously slowing me down. I get most things done on the weekends because I tend to be useless after work but the past two weekends were utter hell. Thankfully it looks like this weekend will be better, whew. I really need to get some things done for merlinbb_rpf and, more importantly omg, I really, really, REALLY want to get the sign-up post for Archive I of merlin_archives up. Some careful planning and organization is needed for both, and without the heat hemming my ability to, you know, string coherent thoughts together, I'll hopefully make some progress this weekend, woo!

» By the way, I finally figured out what's worse than a GIANT SPIDER sitting above the door leading to your parking garage for weeks and making comings and goings a terrifying affair: a GIANT SPIDER suddenly VANISHING.* No one's killed it, I know that much. SO WHERE IS IT? jasdhgfasfgskj. DNW.

* Okay, so it wasn't the same spider for weeks. There was one, then a few days ago another showed up, slaughtered the previous spider (the corpse is still there) and took up shop in its net. As gwentastic helpfully pointed out, the new arrival may have been a girl who totes killed the dude AFTER SEX. Which means there might be a GIANT PREGGERS SPIDER on the loose in my basement. YOU SEE MY PROBLEM. D:

Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, fandom: #supernatural, moontalk
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