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I continue to enjoy Matt's Eleven ridiculous amounts even when I don't agree with him (Ambros had NO redeeming features whatsoever to the point where I wanted her to die, hard). Favorite line of the episode: "Hah! Never said that before. That's fab." SERIOUSLY. SO SO SO MUCH LOVE FOR ELEVEN (AND MATT, EEE).

As for the episode, it was less boring that last week's, I'll give it that, but the writing continued to be horribly flaky, inconsistent characterizations (HELLO, DID EVERYONE FORGET THAT THE LIZARD DUDE DISSECTED A LIVING HUMAN BEING IN 508?) and all, so normally I would just try my best to forget this two-parter ever existed, except.


Remember how I squee'd about that clip where Eleven admits to Amy that he likes Rory, a lot? HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THIS MEANT RORY WOULD DIE? I just, augh! I'm pretty much pissed at the world right now because not only did they kill Rory, no, to add insult to injury

1) They did it at the end of the episode, like an after thought. I can't believe they wasted his death like that.
2) He died 'saving' the Doctor who would simply have regenerated, making his death absolutely pointless.
3) They pulled a Reverse Donna. Ask me sometime how I felt about Donna. I suggest you wear armored clothing when you do, though, because I just might BREATHE FIRE.
4) Moffat: "We needed a big sacrifice. It's been fun, the Doctor has had a great time with Amy, they've been running around the universe. It's time for there to be a casualty on the TARDIS." WHAT. WHY? THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE.

Rory was more of a Companion than Amy will ever be. For all his insecurities he was loyal and brave and smart and fiercely protective of the one he loved, and Amy didn't deserve him--Rory deserved better than her, the woman who wouldn't even call him "boyfriend" in 501, the woman whose last words to him before he got hit were, "Other way, idiot."

So now Rory is gone (oh god, I cried SO hard, you guys; I still tear up when I think about it) and Amy is still prancing around the universe without a care and I hate her for it so, so much. :(

ON THE UP SIDE, the Confidential was FUN. They showed stuff from the Doctor Who tour they did pre-s5, visiting schools and showing the pilot. Matt and Karen continue to be utterly adorable, together and apart. But oh, Matt. If you thought Bradley and Colin don't know how to dress themselves, know that it could be worse. To wit:

HAHAHAHAHA @ Matt's jumper. (They um, spontaneously broke into a dance to Matt humming the DW theme. I LOFF THEM.)
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