Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Doctor Who 5.08

No re-watch today just a list of things I really need to get off my chest.

# I loved that Amy wasn't around much because it gave the Doctor and Rory some time alone. Rory the Companion FTW. :D My favorite bit: when the Doctor was about to head down into the basement and Rory hovered all worried and the Doctor put his hand on Rory's shoulder and reassured him he'd be fine and Rory still hesitated before he left. *DRAWS HEARTS* (Check the end of this post for a clip that was cut from the episode but shown in the Confidential where the Doctor says that he likes Rory, a lot. SERIOUSLY, HEARTS IN MY EYES.)

# The episode wasn't bad but I kind of want to strangle whoever wrote it. They put bits in there, both visuals and dialogue, that just didn't fit into the flow and made it all feel very bumpy. And then there was stuff like:

# The mother bitching the Doctor out for letting her kid go outside. Okay I admit I was all "wait, you're letting him go?!" when it happened but seriously? It took that woman FOREVER to even notice her child wasn't there with them! Shitty writing making a character look like an awful person.

# Amy's "We're still together in 10 years?". What the everloving fuck? I thought we were done with that after last week! I can't stand Amy in relation to Rory or Rory in relation to Amy, for that matter. Apart I like them just fine but I really, really want Rory to drop Amy for the Doctor. She doesn't deserve him.

# Future Amy and Rory waving at them. What was that about? It felt weird and made little to no sense. I hope part two clears up the confusion.

# The Doctor "asking the mother nicely" to leave the weapons. The way he said it scared me; I actually felt threatened. This has happened before, I don't remember in what episode, and I do not like it. Is it intentional? Is it Matt's doing? I really just want it to stop, honestly. Don't creep me out, Doctor, it makes no sense and isn't you. :(

# No crack in this episode? Whut whut? We're almost at the end of the season! Get on with it, people.

# As I said above, the Confidential showed a clip that was cut from the episode because it ran ~15 mins over time. The cut clip features Amy and the Doctor heading towards the drilling site while Rory carries the ring to safety. There's this one bit where the Doctor says, "But yes, I like him," referring to Rory, then he gives this SUPER ADORABLE LITTLE LAUGH and adds, "A lot."

YOU GUYS. BEST EVER. I had to clip it because I couldn't bear the thought of anyone missing out on the cute. Download it! (.wmv, 1.5 MB). :D
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