Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» Finished Jim Butcher's Turn Coat (Dresden Files series) and am now longing for a story that has Thomas feeding on Harry (White Court vampires, man; brilliant creation). I guess once you cross the fictional incest line there's no going back? At least it's half-brothers this time. *coff*

» Are we in the midst of some funky lunar phase or something? I've had some seriously intense and freaky dreams these past couple of nights. Like, last night I dreamed about Misha Collins all night long (that's what it felt like anyway). Misha Collins! I don't even like him that much! In my dream he had accidentally uploaded the wrong version of a video to YouTube and I found myself watching him sex his wife. As if that wasn't bad enough Matt Smith (!!!) who was in the room with me for some reason went, "Are you watching PORN?" and I flailed and scrambled to explain but Matt was not to be swayed and very disapproving of the whole thing. *facepalm* Yeah, I don't know either. I guess it was better than dreaming about a dead pet all night long? Which is what happened the night before last. :(
Tags: fandom, fandom: other entertainment, moontalk
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