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» That's it, I'm not allowed to read any more ficstuffs until I have replied to comments. *resolved!face* No no, don't be sad for me. The last thing I read was a kinkme_merlin fill so smokin' hot it's guaranteed to stay with me for a while. I'm talking about MasterChef this is not, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, rated NC-I-hope-you-don't-have-a-heart-condition. Guh!

» These past few days _hopefulness_ has posted many a Jensen/Danneel picture (rock on, bb!) and um, is it just me or do they look even hotter together now that they're married? <3

» "Suuuuure," I thought when gwyntastic pointed out that Peter Wingfield could totally pass as future Merlin (that is, Colin Morgan's Merlin). And then I saw the picture she posted to go with it, and whoa. Whoa! How did I not see that before?

» I don't usually do this but this one looks too fun to resist!

The Fictional Love Meme: I'm not real but I love you anyway!

Meme. // Me.

I'll play as soon as I finish replying to comments!

» On a more serious note: one of my GMail accounts was hacked. It was a dump account, nothing important, and GMail locked it as soon as they noticed the 'unusual activity' (in this case access via Russian IP, sending of spam). But then I received an email from a friend's Yahoo account yesterday; same type of spam the hacker sent using my account (link to a Russian chat site), and I could see the list of other recipients (so it's also a privacy concern; the hacker appears to be sending spam to everyone in the address book). Now, my password wasn't weak, and that this has happened to someone I know as well and so close to it happening to me suggests that this hack attack may be a big one. Thankfully GMail has automated counter measures in place but I don't know if Yahoo or other email providers do.

Be careful, everyone.
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, fandom: #supernatural, fandom: recs, webtechstuff
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