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» I just realized that the last three entries I posted were Doctor Who related, and there's definitely another one coming after I watch tonight's episode (squee!). Speculating about what's going on is so much fun even if it hurts my head omg. *clutches* I timey wimey stuff. :D

Oh blast, there I go again. This entry wasn't supposed to be about DW! -.-

» I've been meaning to write about this and that all week but never got around to actually doing it. Very frustrating! Those open tabs just kept piling up. Time to get rid of some of them! LINK DUMP.

» silviakundera posted a wonderful entry titled 8 Reasons Sam/Dean Fans Should Watch The Vampire Diaries. 1) There are many more reasons for watching The Vampire Diaries and 2) the show will not only appeal to Sam/Dean fans (though it helps if you're already used to slashing brothers; personally I'm more interested in Damon/Alaric, unf), but other than that, I am so signing off on that. Seriously, give the show a shot, and don't be discouraged if the first few episodes feel a bit slow; things will take off. Boy will things take off. I LOVE THIS SHOW KIND OF A LOT OKAY? WATCH EEEEET. *ahem* In conclusion: Damon. ♥_♥

» Australia's Channel Ten aired this promo for season two of Merlin. It is in many ways the BESTEST PROMO EVAR OMG but it is also completely and utterly misleading. That's not what happens in season two at all--which is a damn shame. I kind of want to watch that Merlin now. Damn you, Channel Ten!

» There are many reasons for loving USA Network: Psych, Burn Notice, White Collar... and now they added Psych/BurnNotice/WhiteCollar promos to the list! No no, they didn't just cut some clips together, they brought the actors together for these! CROSSOVERS FTW. Ausiello posted three previews: one Burn Notice/White Collar, one Psych/White Collar, and one White Collar/WWE (I'm not familiar with the WWE but the WWE guy is adorable!). SO AWESOME.

» I has a Merlin Bradley/Colin fic rec: Inevitable by absenceofmind. It is funny and sweet and I lovelovelove it! I can't believe she only got 10 comments. Read and leave her some love, guys! :D

» Speaking of Bradley James, he got to play in the United Relief Charity Match, and loreley_se has video and screencaps. AAAAH. Soccer has bored me ALL MY LIFE and then Bradley James shows up and suddenly I get excited about boys chasing after a ball. *facepalm* I have no excuse.

» THERE, LOTSA TABS CLOSED. Now I just need to get all that gay porn downloaded (12 tabs of Corbin Fisher GOODNESS; what? IT'S CALLED RESEARCH OKAY) and I'll be down to like, 5 tabs. WOOT.
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