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Right, so last week had left me pretty disillusioned with this new New Who. I will admit that the daleks bore me to tears in a good episode but it wasn't just that; the whole thing was just... ugh. If I had to list my favorite bits I'd be forced so say: the cookie thing, the trailer for 5.04, ... um. Yeah.

AND THEN 5.04 HAPPENED AND YES. YESYESYES FINALLY. I loved it; the writing, the characters... it just had that spark that RTD's Who always had and Moffat's lacked so painfully thus far (with exception of the season opener, at least in part). Which is WEIRD because Moffat's RTD!Who episodes always grabbed me plenty. I fear Moffat may just be no good when it comes to doing awesome shit in 40 minutes. ANYWAY.

I LOVED Eleven with his grumpy!face and omgwtfwife?-ness, and Amy who finally had the good sense to be scared of something, and even River now that we've got a bit of dirt on her, not to mention: WEEPING ANGELS. Yup, still creeping me the fuck out.

My favorite bits: EVERYTHING. Okay no, re-watch:

River's shoes in the opening sequence looked as uncomfortable as they looked hot.

All that dramatic build up and then: "Hello sweetie." Hahaha!

So River can write Timelord and fly the TARDIS. Somehow it didn't feel like she was joking when she said she learned from the best and that the Doctor had been busy that day. Could she BE a Timelord?

"But it didn't make the noise."
"What noise?"
"You know the, wooeewooee."
"It's not supposed to make that noise. You leave the breaks on."
-- I laughed so hard you guys.

I love how uncertain Eleven is around River.

"Doctor, can you sonic me?" /
"Oooh Doctor, you sonic'd her."
-- ♥

You know, for someone who's supposedly going to be in love with River and perhaps even marry her, the Doctor sure doesn't seem very interested in her. I mean, not even a little. If she hadn't hinted at it all those times, he probably wouldn't even spare her a second glance. Hmmm.

"Aww, are you all Mr. Grumpy Face today?" /
"Yes, you're right. I'm definitely Mr. Grumpy Face today."

"Whew, you lot, you're everywhere. You're like rabbits! I'll never get done saving you."
-- He looks happy about it, too. The human race: it's the Doctor's favorite hobby. :P

The whole statue on the tape thing scared me shitless. I cannot even explain why.

Sometimes I just don't understand what Smith is saying and going back to listen again never clears it up. I never ever had that problem with Tennant! Very frustrating.

I am SO glad that Amy was scared of the Angel. She's annoyed me so much in past episodes, always doing what she's told not to, running into danger without thinking it through, being all flippant about it. UGH, DNW. So this was refreshing and likable. Yay!

"River, hug Amy."
"'Cause I'm busy."
-- ♥♥♥

Bob is a sacred name?


Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE the new action!Doctor piece? *grabby hands at soundtrack*

"I didn't escape, Sir. The Angel killed me, too."
-- Poor Bob, also: AAAAAH.


Ah, good old TBC. I went into this knowing it was a two-parter and still managed to be surprised when part one was suddenly over. >_<

On the down side, I gotta stop watching the Confidentials. This new narrator is horrible! And every time Moffat opens his mouth I want to stuff a sock in it. Some people, no matter how talented as long as they're writing two-parters, just shouldn't be put in charge of things.
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