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I was going to write up my thoughts on 5.01 last week, but then decided to wait until after 5.02, in case that would change anything. Partly it did, partly it didn't. But I think I made the right choice. Anyway, thinky thoughts inside!

As heartbroken as I still am over David leaving and Ten dying, I went into this with open arms, hopeful that Eleven would win me over as quickly as Ten did (it took Ten approx. 2 minutes, and my arms had not been open, then).

The Eleventh Hour

Of the YAY
♥ I really enjoyed the episode overall and have watched it thrice already. :D
♥ Young Amy Pond was AWESOME.
♥ The Doctor walking into trees, trying out his new taste buds, and surprise!smacking himself, hahahaha.
♥ "You're Scottish, fry something."
♥ Amy's boyfriend = adorable.
♥ Amy's... whoever he was. I thought for sure he and Eleven were about to kiss--twice! o.O
♥ A lot of tiny details that I'm forgetting. Seriously, I REALLY REALLY enjoyed this one!
♥ Older Amy for the most part; she's cute and punchy and...

Of the NAY:
♣ ...a mix of Donna and Rose, which rubs me the wrong way, though not enough to dislike Amy for that reason alone.
♣ I'm really tired of companions who string along men / stand them up without second thought. (See Rose/Mickey.) Amy knew for a fact, from painful first-hand experience, that they wouldn't be back in time for the wedding. Grr!
♣ The MotW was ridiculous; a giant eyeball sitting on a snowflake? Were they TRYING to make me giggle hysterically?
♣ Eleven sounded way too much like Ten/Tennant for a large portion of the episode. It made me incredibly uncomfortable. I loved Ten/Tennant, okay? I don't want a new guy walking and talking like him; I want someone COMPLETELY new who doesn't remind me of who I'm missing every second of every episode. I was hoping they would mention in the Confidential that it had been intentional since Eleven was still regenerating, but they didn't. :/

The Beast Below

Of the YAY
♥ Eleven was a lot less Ten/Tennant-y! Whew.
♥ They addressed the whole wedding thing which makes me feel a TINY bit better about the situation.
♥ Those dudes in the booths were SERIOUSLY CREEPY OMFG.
♥ I really enjoyed Matt's performance during the whole voting booth scene. First time I really felt like I was seeing Eleven and enjoyed him very much. I love the professor-y touch.
♥ Eleven breaking the news to Amy that they're standing on a tongue, bwahahaha. Actually, the whole scene was fun (save for the brief moment when Matt fell back into the TenTrap).
♥ "I'm the bloody Queen, mate. Basically, I rule." Liz 10 FTW.
♥ "Three. I murder a beautiful, innocent creature as painlessly as I can. And then I find a new name because I won't be the Doctor anymore." And then the anger that follows because for a moment he hates how much he loves humans, that he has to choose them over an innocent creature. Oh, that really really hurt.

Of the NAY
♣ Overall the episode was average; less than average in some ways. This worries me because it's only episode two.
♣ I'm confused. Amy's reaction when she learned what was really going on at the end, in the dungeon, wasn't exactly hysterical. Why did she freak out so badly when they showed her in the voting booth what had happened? Just because she didn't want the Doctor to have to choose? And when exactly was that video of her recorded, with the runny make-up that wasn't runny when the Doctor joined her right after? It's a bit early for giant plot holes. I hope I'm missing something, or that this somehow ties into the overlaying story arc. /grouchy-face
♣ Geronimo. Eleven is welcome to stop saying that anytime, please and thank you.
♣ It made me angry when Eleven lost his shit over Amy hitting forget. Mostly because the whole thing was confusing anyway, and I kind of fail to understand his reasoning. Blah.
♣ As much as I liked the hurt-y bits of the One-Two-Three scene, it didn't sit entirely right with me. "There must be something we can do. Some other way." Eleven's refusal to even consider it... wtf? It rubbed me the wrong way, hard. Like it was simply a set-up for giving Amy a chance to save the day. Not on.
♣ Amy outsmarting the Doctor and saving the day. (For details, see below.)

The Road So Far

Eleven: Overall I have to say I'm still on the fence. One moment he's utterly Doctor-y and I enjoy him a lot, the next he misses by a mile or slips into Ten/nant. I hope Smith just needs a little more time to figure things out. Fingers crossed!

Amy: She had ALMOST won me over by the end of The Eleventh Hour, but now, after the events of The Beast Below, we're on seriously shaky ground. I'm very unhappy by this turn of events. :(

Amy runs head first into danger, ignoring any Keep Out and Danger signs, and she outsmarts (!) the Doctor (!!) on her first day as companion, saving the day. Um. No. Too much too soon, okay? Unless she's actually a Timelord (please no; been there, done that), we're entering Mary Sue territory here. And I know that cast & crew are having the hots for her/the actress (see the Confidentials; it's a bit embarrassing, to be honest), but that's no reason to forget that Amy and the Doctor have spent MAYBE two hours together by the beginning of this episode. Which also makes that damned hug too much too soon. They're acting like Amy's known Eleven for ages (waiting for him for ages does NOT equal knowing him for ages), knows him inside and out, which is ridiculous. They're skipping a lot of necessary stepping-stones that would make their relationship solid and believable, and that has me VERY worried that my worst fear will turn out to be true: Eleven/Amy, on screen. DO NOT WANT. Ship them all you want but please, don't make me watch. One of the many reasons why S4 was my very favorite was that Donna was Ten's best friend, nothing more. :(

Show: Moffat's episodes are among my favorites, despite his tendency to throw women at the Doctor. But I'm beginning to worry, from what I've seen on screen and in the Confidentials, that he might not have been the best choice for show runner/head writer. I really hope he convinces me otherwise. We'll see!

ANYWAY. I'm ready for next Saturday. GIMME.
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