Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» Challenge #26 at bradleystills needs to close now, please and thank you. *twitch* There's an icon in the running that I want and I'm hoping whoever made it will put it up for grabs as soon as the winners have been announced (and before I forget that I want it, which happens, a lot). *grabby hands*

» Apparently I managed to miss yet another friending meme! Drat. So er, should you have left a comment over at bradleycolin, you just might find yourself on my f-list in the near future. Do not be alarmed! Etc, etc. ;)

» Now that "Turn Coat" of the Dresden Files is finally out in paperback in these parts, I'm browsing Amazon for things to order. Very sad to see Sherlock Holmes isn't out on DVD yet! I think I'll just get that mortar for the kitchen, the DF book, and a few more Discworld novels. I just finished the Rincewind ones (on a meh note, unfortunately; "The Last Continent" didn't live up to Pratchett standards, imo). Do I want to tackle the rest by character (Death, maybe? he's always fun) or in publishing order? Hmm. *strokes beard*

» I'm re-watching season one of Merlin and you guys, I love it so, so much. *clutches* If they screw up season three as well, I think I could happily live in s1 and fanfic land. Also, ARRRRTHURRRR. He needs to wear that red shirt/belt combo ALL THE TIME. It emphasizes one of his best assets beautifully. *ahem*
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, fandom: misc. tv shows
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