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Ooh, this week of TV was fab.

Chuck! Oh Chuck, who knew you had it in you. NOT ME. I loved, LOVED his transformation into the bad guy with the voice and everything. Also, finally we know Sarah's real name! I still can't believe she told the other dude instead of Chuck, but. I forgive her. Other Dude IS pretty sexy, yanno.

How I Met Your Mother! TEA CUP PIG. <3 I remember Alyson gushing about getting to work with the piglet on Twitter, and watching the episode you could tell that acting wasn't really necessary when the pig melted Lily's heart hee! Also, HELLO NPH'S BOYFRIEND. It was good to see him. The scene where Lily finally tells Scooter that nothing will ever happen between them and then MARSHALL breaks down and is all, RIGHT NOW, NO REALLY, I'M NOT GONNA LIVE FOREVER, HANG IN THERE cracked me up SO HARD.

White Collar! There are no words to fully describe how much I love Neal and Peter's relationship and interactions. It's written wonderfully and an absolute joy to watch. Also, Elizabeth is amazing. AMAZING. You don't hear me say that about female characters on TV a lot but I truly, truly love that woman. OT3, indeed.

Psych! Truth to be told, last week's episode didn't exactly rock my boat. Ever so often there'll be an episode where Shawn goes off on monologues that go on forever and are painfully, painfully unfunny, and last week's episode was full of them. I don't know if it's always the same writer who inflicts them on us or what, but ugh. ANYWAY. This week the show was back to AWESOME. I squeed and laughed and omg, is it just me or was this written with the intend of reducing the Shawn/Lassiter slash fen population by means of SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION? I mean, the words "I love you" were uttered! WHAT. <33333 Also, when the coroner realized he was DOODLING on a DEAD PERSON I just about died. Oh man, brilliant.

Burn Notice! One of the best episodes of the entire show thus far. Holy moses, you guys, I LOVED this. Michael KICKED ASS and so did his mom, wow. "Do you really want to pay for your son's mistakes?" "He paid for mine." <3!! And I just, there were so many wonderful and awesome moments in this, story and acting wise, this entry would never end if I listed them all. Like, when Michael tells Fi he has to do this one alone, and he takes her by the shoulders and says, "Fi." one last time before he walks away. There was so much packed in that one word, like "I love you" and "I'm sorry I can't say the words" and "It pains me that this might be goodbye." Jeffrey Donovan, you are brilliant. I can't wait for the next season!

Sometimes you look back on a week of TV and find yourself wishing for a cigarette. THAT'S HOW GOOD THIS WAS. *rolls around in show!love*

Sadly there was no new Legend of the Seeker this week. Don't they realize how badly I need my weekly dose of Cara and Kahlan? That's right, I'm in it for the gorgeous, gorgeous ladies, yo. I haven't been this in love with a female character since Aeryn Sun. Kicking ass and taking names, that's the secret recipe to my heart.

LotS isn't back until the 21st, boo. But we get new Castle, Trauma and Human Target next week! Ya'll are watching Trauma and Human Target, right? Right?!

I admit that Trauma (@NBC) didn't seem like something I would be interested in but oh, ohh, the pilot changed that real quick. Trauma is a strong character piece surrounded by pretty good storytelling and totally worth giving a shot. So give it a try if you haven't yet!

As for Human Target (@CTV / @imdb), where do I start. First of all, it got Chi McBride which is your proof of awesome right there. It also got Mark Valley who I personally found very "meh?" at first but totally grows on you. He's really good in this! Perfect for the part. The third main guy is Jackie Earle Haley, and okay, by now you should have realized that HT isn't your typical "pretty boy" show which, and I can't believe I'm about to type this, is actually quite refreshing! ALSO, it has one of the best tag lines in the history of television. Are you ready for this? *clears throat* "He's a guardian. Not an angel." HAAAA-HAHAHAHAHA. Epic, man. There's also, "Paid to protect. The rest is just for fun." Which is actually a pretty good description of the main character. "WAIT, I GET TO FALL OUT OF THE SKY AND HOPE TO LAND ON TOP OF THAT BUILDING? FUCK YEAH, LET'S DO IT." <33333 So yeah, check it out!
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