Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

GOOD AFTERNOON, F-LIST. Hope you're having a SPLENDID Sunday!

First things, first.

» NEW BRADLEY/COLIN VIDEO STUFFS. (I always wonder if I should use a & rather than a / when I'm talking about boys in a non-slashy way. I'm probably over-thinking this, y/n?) It's on YouTube and brilliantly titled "Bradley and Colin horsing around". COLIN'S FACE AT THE END THERE OMG. <3

» Being Human has all but lost me (I'M SORRY, I tried, I really did, but the whole trying to get vampires to renounce blood plot with the pseudo AA meetings and stuff is just too ridonkulous) BUT this behind the scenes video is GOLD. Russell and Aiden have returned to set and Russell is all heeey, you look the same, you smell the same, er good, you smell GOOD, *happy smile*. And Aiden is all uh, thanks, *frowny face*? HAHAHAHA. (Thanks for the link, sonicbookmark! That was EPIC.)

» Celeb on Twitter rec! Bridget Regan from Legend of the Seeker. She is SO ADORABLE, I want to put her in my pocket. I've had the biggest girl!crush on her character since I started watching LotS (her and Cara both, actually, that show is girl!crush heaven), so it's nice to see that she's such a sweetheart. (Oh god, she follows Barack Obama. MARRY ME, LADY.)

» Guys are not going to want to f**k her, an article by Ken Levine (Emmy winning writer/director/producer) on how hard it is for actors to get a job and keep it. Man, how anyone can put themselves through that time and again and stay SANE is mind-boggling to me. This article has simultaneously given me a new appreciation for actors who are also wonderful people, and made me even more annoyed with actors who don't treasure what they got and are assholes besides.
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, fandom: misc. tv shows
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