Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Supernatural 5.12

* Can Sam please dress like that boy all the time? I REALLY LIKED THAT.

* Is it just me or did Jared's performance have a little extra something this week? Idk, I just enjoyed it more than usual for some reason. As for Jensen, I'm continuously surprised by how GORGEOUS he is from just the right angle. jksfhkjsdhfksj. Boys. <3

* I also really liked Nora and her idiot friend. Well cast! Nora especially. I feel like I know her from somewhere. Unfortunately her name wasn't in the credits and imdb doesn't have her listed. Boo!

* Boy did it take Dean forever to notice that someone else was wearing his brother's body. I guess I forgive him, though--it made for some good moments. Dean's FACE when Gary reversed and hit those trashcans, ahahaha! And it broke my heart when Dean was all surprised that he and Sam were getting along. *smooshes Sam&Dean together* There, that's better. *sniffle*

* I'm kinda growing tired of comedic episodes, but since this one wasn't too slapstick-y it didn't register on the, "OMG, isn't this show supposed to be a DRAMA?" scale. Yay!

* Now, my VERY VERY SERIOUS beef with this episode: we get bodyswap and it's NOT Dean<->Sam?! What is this fuckery?? AUGH! So disappointed. :(((((
Tags: fandom, fandom: #supernatural, fandom: episode reactions
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