Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

LiveJournal, Malware, Interstitial Advertising and You. Quick summary: LiveJournal serves ads designed to infect your computer with malware. Please make sure to use an adblocker, even on "trusted" sites!

(I want to mention that while the blog post suggests to pull your content from LJ and links Dreamwidth as an alternative, that's not why I'm sharing the link. Malware sucks. No one should be forced to reformat their hard drive just because some business doesn't care how it makes money.)

ALSO, Google Chrome is shifty, y/n? I gave it a try because it's finally possible to add an adblocker, and while the browser isn't horrible, it seems to phone home a lot. I'm not sure what it's doing, but my firewall keeps going um, Chrome changed since the last time you used it! Or it wants to talk to even when I don't have any tabs open or even have it bookmarked. Ew! Unless someone has an explanation for this fuckery, I think I'm going to have to uninstall it.
Tags: journaling, webtechstuff
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