Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Dear self, I have decided: tweeting doesn't count as updating. *beats* Ow!

To get back into the swing of things I'll do a few memes (the TV show one looks like fun; maybe the Ten Celebrity Crushes one, too) and will comment on shows I watch from now on. I um, watch a lot of shows, so I'm aiming for at least one episode reaction post a day.

Before I watch any of yesterday's shows (Supernatural! Vampire Diaries!! Burn Notice.. Fringe..! THURSDAYS ARE AWESOME, OKAY), I want to get a few comments re: this week's Castle off my chest.

Castle is one of my feel-good shows. I watch it because it keeps me entertained for ~45 minutes, because the supporting characters are surprisingly fun, and because I like Nathan Fillion. When I turned on the show yesterday, I really didn't expect it to get serious. I KIND OF LOVED IT. The scene where they tell Kate that they're dealing with her mother's killer was beautifully done, as was that scene where they first hinted at it, in the morgue. <333

As far as the ending goes, at first I didn't like that Kate's mother's killer died. While I enjoy this show when it's fun, I kind of want to SMACK Rick Castle sometimes for turning every death into a joke. I guess deep inside I long for Castle to go serious places, they kick so much ass at it. Hrm, as long as Kate is going after the people who had her mom killed and I get my serious!Castle fix every now and then, I'm happy.
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