Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

FINALLY, Neil Patrick Harris is on Twitter! ActuallyNPH (username explanation: there used to be a fake NPH on Twitter). He joined yesterday and has 100,000+ followers already, mwah. I cannot WAIT for the inevitable NPH\Nathan Fillion banter. *hearts*

In other news: the Archive of Our Own (*wince* aka AOOO *wince* aka.. nevermind, it's bad either way) is now in Open Beta! While I do not support the OTW, I do support this project of theirs. A fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, noncommercial fanfiction archive is what my fannish soul has been missing very, very badly for YEARS. Now, as it's still in beta, there are quite a few kinks yet to be worked out (the usability is so unintuitive I want to WEEP), but you can already upload all your fic and read stuff just fine. I have 1 invite to give away, which I'd like to go to someone who plans to archive their fic there. (You can search for and read fic without an account just fine.) Shoot me your email address and it's yours. :)
Tags: fandom
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