Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

I suppose it's time I admit it:

The Vampire Diaries reduce me to high-pitched squealing noises.

It's totally your fault, f-list! Usually when there's something new and awesome out there I know because you don't shut up about it, and you were posting about the VD left and right! So I checked it out--and ended up mainlining all six episodes. Only to realize that not only I'd now have to wait for new stuff like the rest of you, no, the show was on HIATUS. I literally whimpered when I heard, no kidding. O.O!!

But it's okay because the Vampire Diaries are BACK and *high-pitched squealing noises*. ...crap.

For the record, I blame Ian Somerhalder's face.
Tags: fandom, fandom: misc. tv shows
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