Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Matthew Bomer (see icon) has owned a piece of my heart since Traveler, and despite bad hair episodes days I utterly adored him on Chuck. Now, finally, he has his own show! And the pilot episode was AWESOME. White Collar, you can stay. <3

One show I struck off my list (or rather, removed from MyEpisodes--which is SO useful, btw, consider this a rec!) is Eastwick. I held on this long because well, PAUL GROSS. Alas, the writing, which hadn't been stellar to begin with, got progressively worse, and after last week I finally couldn't take it anymore. Adios, Eastwick!

Which leaves Merlin. I LOVED season one, I loved it so, so much. But season two has been a bust so far and I still haven't managed to force myself to watch the episode before last. So I decided to put Merlin on hold. If it ever returns to its season one glory, please let me know! Until then I'm going to pretend season two never happened and miss the boys like crazy. Bah. :(

Hmm, I really need to make a full list of shows I watch / watched, with a few notes on them all. Supernatural isn't the only love of my life, dontcha know. ;)
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, fandom: misc. tv shows
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