Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

SIGH. I can't decide whether to give the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik another try. I read book one and loved it at first but by the end of it I neither liked Temeraire nor Laurence very much.

Temeraire is so into the whole war thing, bloodthirsty even, it's very off-putting. I enjoyed the character (if you can call a dragon that) otherwise, but every time he's like OMGYAYWARGIMME I cringed and after I finished the book I realized that I didn't much care for Temeraire at all anymore.

I think part of it is that his and Laurence's relationship just developed too quickly, too. I couldn't get invested in it properly because Laurence went from oh woe, I gotta leave the Navy for this dragon to OH HAI I LOVE YOU, DRAGONFACE. Suddenly it was just THERE and firmly cemented too it's like, o-kay? Feel free to fly off into the sunset together or whatever while I play with Levitas.

And then Novik KILLED Levitas. The poor little omgsoadorable dragon with the asshole handler. He was the cutest thing and I keep thinking that Laurence could have done SOMETHING. I mean, at the very LEAST he could've tried to convince Levitas to choose another captain. But Laurence didn't, some dragon told him to leave Levitas alone and Laurence DID, the asshole. Sure, when Levitas was dying Laurence dragged his captain there and made him be nice to Levitas for once before the little one died but whatever, too little too late. Poor Lavitas. :( AAAH, I want to stab Laurence with a RUSTY FORK. *grumble*

So I put the book down feeling pissed and unsatisfied and UGH. But at the same time I wonder if I'm judging the characters unfairly and should check out book two anyway? I mean, nothing much actually HAPPENED in book one (it was sort of a really long prologue, imo), maybe when there's an actual storyline that allows for some more in depth character study I'll feel differently?

I wish I could get book two cheap off of eBay or someplace so that if I don't like it either I won't feel like I've wasted my money at least. SIGH.
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