Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Merlin: 2.01-2.03, preview for 2.04.

I enjoyed this week's episode very much, which is a relief because I was all but ready to give up on the show after the previous two episodes. It felt like I was watching "Merlin S1: Reboot", and a shitty one at that. Did Arthur hit his head during hiatus or something? Ugh.

ANYWAY. This episode I loved, it was fun all around, and Merlin and Arthur finally acted like themselves again. \o/ I'm glad Morgana finally knows she has magic, and it was great to see Mordred again. Also, Gwen looked very pretty.

I was in very high spirits at the end there!

Of course then I watched the preview for next week's episode and my hope for the future pretty much shattered. I mean seriously? SERIOUSLY?! It's like the writers woke up one morning, decided to go the Arthur/Gwen route but were too damn lazy to put any effort into making it at all believable. It makes NO SENSE to me, even less that they're doing it now, so soon, TOO soon. And dammit, if this season ends with Uther and Arthur having a falling out over GWEN, I will be so pissed. If that happens, it damn well better be over Merlin. You know, Merlin? The guy this show is named after? >:[

I don't understand why so many PTB think they just HAVE to have an on-screen pairing. I could've lived with hints and even short little special subtext-y Arthur/Gwen moments as long as they kept the Arthur/Merlin relationship in tact, but the way they're doing this, pretty much ignoring all of season one (except for like, one single scene) and pissing all over Arthur/Merlin while they're at it, it just makes me so angry.

Merlin was one of my favorite shows and they're ruining it. MAKE THEM STOP. :(
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, fandom: episode reactions

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