Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

I haven't read my f-list yet but oh GOD, LJ did it again. They partnered with Google and paid & perm users can now add ads to their journals.

Aside from the fact that personally I'd refuse to read a single fic when I know the author chose to subject their readers to ads (not that I see any thanks to Firefox and Adblock, but it's the principle of the thing) (eta; it's opt-in re: ad viewing too, btw), do you have any idea how badly this could end in regards to fan works? Right now we're all "Just playing with your toys for shits and giggles! No money made!" but when you put ads on there you do make money from it. Or that's what TPTB could argue if they wanted to. (Though I realize the bigger networks are less likely to have a shitfit than say, book authors or whatever.)


I wish I had the guts to leave this place behind and move to Dreamwidth 100 %. That site looks better and better and not just due to continuous LJ!fail. They're improving the site daily and omg, the reading filters feature alone makes me salivate. (Basically you can make a filter much like the posting filter here on LJ only it's a READING filter and you can say okay, I add this person to the filter but I ONLY want to see their entries tagged "Supernatural" or I want to see everything EXCEPT their entries tagged "Supernatural" and more such awesomeness. It's a thing of beauty even though it's a very rough first draft and still being tweaked into perfection.)
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