Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Oh man, this is so embarrassing but, I'm kind of crushing on Christian Kane super hard right now? *FACEPALMS FOREVER* Before I was like ooh, his music, closely followed by argh, his HAIR. And then I kept having these random dreams at night (which, for the record, I complained about loudly EVERY TIME) and then, THEN.. he started twittering. At first I mocked him ruthlessly (okay fine, I still do) but now it seems like the combined force of Christian on Twitter & Eliot kicking ass on Leverage has TWISTED MY BRAIN or something. This is so weird, I don't know what to DO. I don't feel the need to read up on him or collect a gazillion pics or join fandom (that a lot of his fans appear to be utterly batshit may have something to do with the latter). Mostly I just refresh his Twitter a billion times a day and re-watch certain scenes from Leverage 207 over and over (I mean did you see that? DID YOU? holy HOTASS, batman!).

I wish there was a cure. No man nor woman should be crushing on someone twittering stuff like, "To answer ur question: Where I grew up, guns were for pussies who can't fight..." or, referring to a previously aired episode, "Yes, yes, tonight is the episode wear I got sewn up. 17 stitches to be exact.. 4 to sew the muscle back together and 13 to keep my skull in." or, "I don't like circles and I'm tired of BS.. makes me mad!.. and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...." SO RINDONKULOUS and YET... *confused flail?* SIGH.

As for Leverage, I'm itching to read some fic but I can't FIND any. I can see myself getting into Eliot/Nate and maybe even Eliot/Parker (shockingly; I don't do het, usually) but I don't want PWPs, I want character centric pieces where the characters are actually in character. The idea of Parker jumping into bed with Eliot without any kind of solid backstory makes me shudder. Is there any such thing out there yet? The last two times I got the itch I went looking and ended up thoroughly traumatized so I figured this time I'd ask you kind people first. Halp?
Tags: fandom, fandom: misc. tv shows, fandom: somebodies
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