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I enjoy In Plain Sight a lot, and every once in a while the show blows me away. Oops, they did it again! aka Don't Cry for Me, Albuquerque.

There's SO MUCH I love about the show. Mary is one of my favorite female characters ever, I love her perpetually grouchy self, how real she is, how much Marshall and Stan care about her. I love the places The Powers That Be take Mary. When she reacted to being taken hostage and almost being raped like an actual human being, PTS and panic attack and all, I nearly wept with joy. There's nothing I hate more when a character on any given TV show just shrugs that kind of thing off, never to be mentioned again. I love the subtlety, the continuity. They hint at things in the tiniest of ways and then, a few episodes later, it comes up again (Marshall having feelings for Mary that go beyond friendship, for example.)

In short, I love that the people who're making this show know what they're doing, that they get it. That's so rare these days.

BUT ANYWAY. Don't Cry for Me, Albuquerque.

* I think I'm addicted to Mary and Eleanor's banter.

* How great was Francesca? I wanted to see more of her.

* They SHOT MARY. IN THE GUT. O_O There this show goes again. Unexpected awesome FTW.

* Marshall broke down crying! And Stan held him! Aww.

* Stan ripping the CIA dude a new one. Holy moly! I cheered.

* Man, these guys kick ass at montages. Bonus points for using What If The Storm Ends by Snow Patrol! I'm so glad they showed that scene again where they rush Mary into the ER and Marshall comes running. That first time I completely missed that he kissed her temple! *sniffle*

How lucky that the show was renewed. o.O

There's just one thing that drives me insane: their names. WHY would you give a US Marshal the first name Marshall? And then there's Mary who has the same first name as the actress who plays her. Not to mention that both Mary and Marshall have two last names, their actual last name and the one they use on the job. AUGH, I suck at remembering names! (Don't ask me how long it took for me to remember who was Dean and who was Sam when I first started watching Supernatural.) I had to check the Wikipedia entry for In Plain Sight to make sense of it all. *facepalm*
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