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I love hiatus as much as I hate it. Sure, Supernatural is on a break, but my other feel-good shows are finally, finally coming BACK. In Plain Sight and Burn Notice are already on, next month Eureka and Leverage return, and Psych does in August. Whee! Ooh, and I see they're airing the remaining episodes of Pushing Daisies, Kings, and Dirty Sexy Money! I'm glad. As much as I hate that those shows were canceled, at least we get to see how they ended.

I'm still mourning The Sarah Connor Chronicles, by the way. Fucking FOX. Not even the renewal of Dollhouse cheered me up. (Mostly because I'm still waiting for Dollhouse to wow me, and because I keep wondering if maybe we would have gotten a third season of SCC if DH hadn't been renewed. Feh.)

New shows I'm looking forward to are Eastwick with Paul Gross (PAUL GROSS!!1! HOMG) and Glee. I'm also going to check out The Vampire Diaries just to see if it manages to be cheesy without sucking. :P

Speaking of cheesy turned sucky: Primeval. I don't think they meant for me to react to the finale the way I did...? I laughed, kind of a lot. I like Danny (Denny?) just fine (but not enough to know how to spell his name, apparently). But when he missed the Anomaly and went all, NOOOOOOOO! and the camera went, dun---dun---DUN!!!!!1! All I could think was, omg, he looks so similar to those prehistoric ape humans! HE CAN BECOME ONE OF THEM. OMG, MAYBE DANNY IS THE FIRST HUMAN. And then I died. And then I realized that as crappy as Primeval has become with Cutter and Pretty Face gone, THAT MIGHT ACTUALLY BE THE CASE. And then I died moar. *ahem* So yeah, gonna keep watching this show for the awesomely animated creatures, I guess. Unless Helen pops back up. I really need that woman to STAY DEAD, ugh.

*re-reads* Oh my god, I really am a TV addict. O.O
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