Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

OKAY. This is IT. The Month Of Daily Entries. \o/

If you just roflmao'd I can't even blame you. WHATEVER. I'm quiet and I don't like it, what's the point of having online journals if all you do is read your f-list and never post yourself? Pfft. SO. One entry a day for all of June and here's hoping I get so into it that the momentum carries me over into July and beyond. I CAN DO THIS, YES I CAN.

I thought about making MODE LiveJournal only but then decided to include Dreamwidth as well. I post original content at both places (ie. I don't cross-post) so I don't think that's cheating. Therefore, if I don't post at LJ but do at DW, it still counts.

Speaking of Dreamwidth, a poll!

I have a Dreamwidth account! The username is...

At Dreamwidth I... original content.
...cross-post to LiveJournal.
...use the reading page to keep up with friends who moved.
...back-up my Livejournal account.
2(4.0%) nothing. I want to use DW but don't know what for yet.
7(14.0%) nothing. I just wanted to secure my name.

I don't have a Dreamwidth account...

...but am interested in getting one to secure my name.
...but am interested in getting one because I want to play over there.
...but am interested in getting one because I want to leave LiveJournal.
...but am interested in getting one, though I don't know what I'd do with it.
...and am not interested in getting one.

At Dreamwidth I'm moonie. You're welcome to add me! I'm using the account to post original content, keep up with friends who do the same or have moved entirely, and back up this LiveJournal account. (The latter doesn't lead to spamming your reading lists, imported entries don't show up, you won't have to worry about duplicates.)

How I will be using the account in the future I'm still unsure about, although I'm not entirely adverse to the idea of moving to DW entirely since they already make it easy (and will make it even easier) to keep up with LiveJournal, so I wouldn't be losing touch with anyone. But like I said, that isn't set in stone, and right now and for the foreseeable future I'm still considering this LiveJournal account my main account and home on the 'net. :)
Tags: journaling
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